Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not me...

Vacation Bible School at St. Margaret Mary's last week!
Gianna and Joseph are enjoying Patriot Camp this week. It is a week devoted to learning about important people in American history. It's run by volunteers, and it's free for the kids! Today they learned about Walt Disney and they (especially Joseph) loved it!!!

The camp is collecting household items for the Military Order of the Purple Heart. One of the leaders gave the kids an example when she said, "For example, your parents could donate an old coffee pot that still works."

Gianna made me laugh when she said, "Mom, I was still there thinking that my mom would NEVER donate her coffee pot!" Ha! I love it! And, she's right...not me :).

I am trying to devote my short afternoon breaks into equal parts: time on the computer, time for prayer, and time for reading. I do the computer first. I know, the order sounds wrong to me, too! Prayer should come first. But, I find that I can always can (and do!) pray A LOT later during the afternoon (usually under my breath!) when the kids are making me nuts!!!

Anyway, I am reading a book by a Catholic homeschooling father. It was given to my husband at a conference recently. It is a good book that is making me laugh and contemplate life. The man makes a fantastic case for homeschooling. Homeschooling actually fits quite nicely with the way that my husband and I are trying to raise our family.

I just can't do it though...not me!!! The very thought of having my children home all day...and having the responsibility to teach them essential life skills like reading and math...makes my heart race in a panic!  But, admitting that makes me feel a little sad and guilty actually. I will just to be grateful that we are blessed to be able to provide the kids with a great Catholic education. And, let myself off the hook for not being able to be all things to all people (a lesson that I learn a little bit more everyday!).

My greatest blessings...
I was talking with a friend this morning at camp about the fact that it is almost July! And, June has actually been a fantastic month! It's been fun to break out of the routine and mix it up a bit. I am filled with profound gratitude to God for his many, many blessings to me!

Sure, I still feel crazy and frazzled a lot (I was talking to my mother on the phone on Sunday and she said, "Oh my ghosh...I can't believe it's already 2 p.m." To which I replied, "Oh my ghosh...it's ONLY 2 p.m.?!), but I know to hang on...because peaceful moments are (usually) just ahead!

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