Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...

I could be talking about this weather. Central Pennsylvania (along with a good portion of the rest of the country is *enjoying* 90+ degree heat and humidity). I say "enjoying" because I'm trying to have a better attitude about the weather! I snuck off to Adoration for a bit last week, and I read a great reflection about not complaining about little things out of your control (the list included the weather...extreme cold and heat!). I need to work on this...

Anyway, "hot, hot, hot" is actually about Justin (age 2-1/2) last Friday afternoon. He went down for his nap as usual around 1 p.m. (this kid is a rockstar sleeper...he loves his nap and starts to ask for it right around lunch...hope this lasts...forever!).

He came downstairs around 2:30 (early for him). I knew something was wrong because he didn't look right. And then when I hugged him, he felt like a frying pan...temperature of 104 to be exact. Then he was doubled over in pain grabbing his stomach. Scary for me!

I cancelled the fun playdate that we had planned (my kids aren't very happy with me lately...we've been cancelling too many playdates!); and, after my husband rushed home to watch the other kids, Justin and I headed to the doctor. After determining it was not an ear infection or strep throat, they sent us for some bloodwork to figure out what might be going on.

The bloodwork was to be done in downtown Harrisburg. And, it was Friday afternoon. I have worked in both Boston and the Washington, D.C. area, and there is NO comparing the traffic to Harrisburg...but, I was heading downtown on a Friday afternoon...yucko!

Thank God, it turned out to be an afternoon of great blessings.

Justin's ibuprofen had kicked in and he was acting...completely normal! There wasn't much traffic. And, after a short wait in the waiting room (I've waited forever in this lab before), Justin didn't even cry when the kind nurses drew his blood. He just sat calmly in my lap and watched (I can't even watch when someone is drawing my blood!). They gave him a cute teddy bear for his troubles, and we headed home...somehow avoiding traffic again.

We arrived home to his four siblings having a dance party (thanks to Daddy for keeping kids happy and entertained on a Friday afternoon...I often have disastrous afternoons at home myself!). They were SO happy to see Justin, and it was so nice to see that my children actually care about each other (I often wonder when they are bopping each other on the head!).

The best part was the doctor calling a bit later saying that it looked like just a virus...that he should be better soon (and he was).

What a crazy afternoon! But, I was so grateful for a glimpse...of the loving, happy, caring family that I want us to be (we do have lots of wonderful times, but it's hard to keep 5 young children and 2 parents all happy at the exact same time!). And, I fear I often miss precious moments because I'm just too tired to see them!

I was grateful for my husband's job...close to home with the flexibility to help with sick children, and for the one-on-one time with Justin. He's my most easygoing child (for now!), and I rarely stop to appreciate the sweet little boy that he has become.

Of course, that all said, I hope he wakes up healthy today (it's nap time). I'd *like* the weather to be the only hot, hot, hot in our lives for now! *Happy* summer everyone :).

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