Friday, August 17, 2012

Sit Still and Pay Attention...

My almost 6-year-old is always asking me if she can help me. I know I should relish this! Unfortunately, most of the time, it is much quicker if I do it myself. So, beyond fetching things and sorting laundry, I do not utilize her willingness nearly enough! Funny though, she is never responsive when I ask her to pick up the toys...I guess that doesn't count in her mind!

Earlier this week she was lying with the baby on the bed. After completing a mental list of 100 things to do before we got out the door, I took a chance. "Gianna, do you want to dress Lucy?!" Gianna was very excited. "Absolutely," the response.

I picked out a simple top and fussy snaps. I thought she might have trouble getting the top on, but I was nearby.

I went into the other room for a moment. I came back and asked how it was going.

Gianna exclaimed, "She will not sit still and pay attention!!" I burst out laughing. I think or say the exact same thing about Gianna and her other older siblings at least 20 times a day! The irony was lost on Gianna!!!

It was nice though that, if only for a moment, Gianna shared some of my frustration!

Lucy, 4 months, just refused to sit still and pay attention...even for me. She flashed one of her million dollar smiles though, and frustration was the farthest thing from my mind. Thank God for babies (and for bigger kids who want to help!).

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