Monday, July 18, 2011

How many moms...

Does it take to pull a stinger out of a 3-year-old boy's foot? More than you'd think! It started off as a really fun playdate. I always appreciate when other moms host playdates. I try to take my fair share of turns, but I am a stress case wondering if everyone is having fun while trying to take care of my own children (who always seem to have lots of extra needs when people come over!).

It's a really hot and humid day here in PA. Then again, I saw this morning that over 90% of the country is 90+ today, so I'm in good company! This playdate featured every young child's dream...lots of water toys: a baby pool, 2 bigger pools with slides, a slip n slide, etc. Hours of fun! I was enjoying sitting in the shade with the baby watching the older 3...until...the STING!

Suddenly a howl. Oh of mine. I grab the baby and head over. I try to carry both the baby and hysterical preschooler into the shade. At this point, I become so very grateful for my girlfriends. They jumped into action. It's funny that in some ways, I barely know these women (although I'm getting to know them better as we meet every Monday). Yet, here they were, helping me hold down my child. Someone grabbed the baby, the host ran in the house to get baking soda, tweezers, and a bandage, and a third mom ran out to watch the other children in the yard. Working together (there were 4 of us in the end), we got the stinger! "The biggest stinger I've ever seen," said one kind mom. My 3-year-old, relieved, asked if he could take his foot home :).

The playdate continued. Drama subsided. As I drove home with tired, hungry, wet children, I reflected on how grateful I am for this group of women. I have been in similar situations (one melting child and other children who still need attention) at the grocery store (insert other public venue), and I get lots of looks. Granted, some looks are sympathetic, but I feel (maybe it's my projection), that most of them are irritated or pity looks. Seldom do people jump right in to help. So, today, I thank God for the gift of friends. Women who started off as strangers, but because we are going through this journey of motherhood together, have become so much more to me.

In addition to my friends, I am grateful for my healthy children who thoroughly enjoyed the simple pleasures of summer today, for the ability to stay home full-time with my children, for icy pops, for baby pools, and yes...even for bees!

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