Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Passing Blessings...

My kids are watching Aladdin right now. Remember that movie!? I got it at a used sale, and I'm hearing the songs of my childhood in the background.  It's funny the power of music to bring back vivid memories.

My small blessings today are things that I could easily overlook:

1. How excited my children are to see each other in the morning! Each child is greeted with such enthusiasm: "My friend...how GREAT to see you again!" I am so glad that they are glad to see each other, as some mornings it is just too early for me to share that joy!

2. How my children enjoy playing with stuffed animals, toy cars, baby dolls, etc. These inanimate objects are cared for dearly. I love the humanity that they exhibit when "caring" for them. It pains me to think that these treasures will be passed over for cell phones and lap tops.

3. My (almost) 2-year-old daughter's feet. I recently read that the feet of infants and toddlers have no arch. I guess I knew this in passing, but there it was when I paid attention. Through this biology lesson, I came to appreciate those pudgy adorable feet! Lots of kisses for those growing feet.

4. Learning to read/write. Yesterday, I wore a name badge that said "PAN." Why, you ask? My almost 5-year-old daughter can write Mommy perfectly, but she looked hurt when I questioned why mine said, "PAN." Well, what does it say, she innocently asked? "PAN," I replied. She giggled, and I thought, "what the heck?" PAN!

5. The miracle of life. As I think back 5 summers ago, I have vivid memories of my panic at becoming a mother. Yes, I had prayed faithfully for this precious gift. There is nothing in the world that I wanted more. Thank you God for my four precious treasures. But, I remember sunbathing on a hot summer day and worrying and worrying. Now, I sit in the same spot and watch my children enjoy the slip n slide. I marvel at God's creations. Worry still...absolutely. But, praying to trust that God will provide and care for them...yes.

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