Friday, July 22, 2011

"This is BEAUTIFUL"...

I desperately needed my 3-year-old to say this during lunch today. We were sitting in a very crowded food court with a friend and her children. There was live orchestra music in the background. I didn't even think that he was listening. He suddenly stopped and asked his friend, "This is BEAUTIFUL!" It was beautiful. I honestly hadn't even been thinking about the music as I was trying to ensure everyone would eat enough to prevent meltdowns...not easy to do in this most distracting of environments!

It all started early. Five forty a.m. to be exact. The baby wishing me awake by his singing. It was also beautiful...a baby peacefully waking up and talking...but it was early! Again, the beauty also missed by this tired Mama! A short time later, the other three joined their brother.

I know better, but I messed up our morning routine (Daddy is away) leading to more stress! Breakfast wasn't served on time, and I let the baby take a long morning nap. The results did not lead to happiness! I will leave the details out. But, I pray for forgiveness and grace for this journey. And, I am grateful that my 3-year-old challenged me to stop and "hear?" the roses!

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