Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Love these moments when my children play on their own...and everyone's included!
Chances are, if you are reading this from anywhere in the United States, you are also cold today. Here in central Pennsylvania, schools are closed for the coldest day in almost 20 years! It is a balmy 20 below (with wind chills, that is!).

I am actually having a great day, and this is shocking to even me :)! As someone posted on facebook today, "Having a snow day after 16 days of vacation is great...SAID NO MOTHER EVER!" Ha! I loved that...made me feel so connected to others!

But, by the grace of God, I woke up today in a good mood with the feeling of extreme GRATITUDE foremost on my heart. This is shaping the way that I am looking at my day. Instead of feeling frustrated that we are all stuck in the house together all day, I am feeling happy that all my babies are safe and warm under my roof.

And, by the grace of God, my children all woke up in a good mood today too! Even my oldest, who is by far my most restless/easily bored child, has been playing nicely with her sister for hours. I am happy that only three years separates Gianna and Cecilia...and, the fact that Gianna seems to be a "young 7" and Cecilia a "very mature 4" really helps :)!

Joseph and Justin (also almost 3 years apart) are also playing nicely together. Actually, it's more like Jopa (as Justin calls him) telling Justin what to do...but, Justin is thrilled to be included and happily obliging Jopa's orders. Hey, it works for me (and for them!).

Lucy (who also tends to get bored easily like Gianna) seems to be enjoying all her siblings being home for the day. She is busy at her age-appropriate tasks of pushing the baby stroller around and filling up any number of purses with "goodies!"

Teresa is my sweet baby (see pictures below). I appreciate her more as I reply to frequent texts from my sister. My 1-month-old nephew is very colicky at the moment. Plus, my sister is trying to occupy my 3-year-old nephew at the same time. Going from 1 to 2 children was definitely one of the toughest challenges of my motherhood journey...so I know what she's going through! Children 4, 5, and 6 have been much easier transitions!

 This day is definitely not the day that I thought I needed or wanted...but, I am happy to be home sweet home. By Friday it's supposed to be back up to 40. Until then, stay warm. Wishing you all peace and contentment with whatever comes your way today!

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