Monday, December 30, 2013

The Close One...

Here is my big baby giving my small baby a kiss on the head! I love how Lucy has quickly taken on the big sister role. Granted, she's usually covering the baby's face with a blanket, smothering her with an over-sized stuffed animal, or giving her a kiss on the head and leaving snot behind...but, there is true love in all her actions :).

Here's me and all the kiddos on Christmas Eve before bed. That night I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, "It's a Wonderful Life." When Clarence says, "See George, you really had a wonderful life," I instantly hear a voice in my head reminding me that I really have a wonderful life!

This Advent seemed short, but also very magical. I feel so grateful that my oldest two children are in Catholic school as they seemed to truly grasp (as much as possible for ages 7 and 5) the meaning of the season...Joseph even brought home an awesome Nativity scene in a shoe box (definitely a keeper among the kindergarten crafts!). We try to teach them at home, but a little re-enforcement never hurts!

Here's Daddy making Christmas cookies with the kids! I always dread big projects like this (sadly, the clean up and anticipated bickering prevent me from looking forward to them!), but it was a special afternoon. And, bonus for me because Daddy took the lead and organized/completed the project. These are the memories that I want for my children!

Does my little Lucy look like a thief to you?!

Today is Monday, 12/30. The kids are still off from school, but Daddy is back to work (luckily for a short week!). I went to the mall with a friend to check out a new place called Tumble Town. It was a little pricey as I had to pay for five children, but we got a discount because five children is considered a "play date"...score! The kids had a great time and got some energy out...which is good...because we're staying home for the rest of the day. Taking six kids out by myself is not easy!

Anyway, Tumble Town is at the mall so we parked outside of the closest department store. As we were leaving, Lucy apparently grabbed a pair of glasses off of a table as I weaved the double stroller through the tight aisles. The door started beeping as we were leaving. I had no idea that Lucy had the glasses in her hands, so I told the kids that it must be a mistake and to keep going. No employees were around to check our belongings.

As I was getting everyone in the car, I discovered the little robber in the front of the stroller. The big kids saw that Lucy had "stolen" something too, and they were very upset about it (again, thank you Catholic schools for helping with conscience development!). Gianna promptly told Lucy that she had sinned. Joseph asked if we were going to jail. Cecilia and Justin didn't know what to say, but they were in a panic.

What else to do? Get everyone out of the car and march back into the store, of course. We beeped as we went through the door and still...there were no employees in sight. I put the glasses on the nearest table and we left. Gianna was still concerned that they would not know that they were returned (I didn't bother explaining that no one even knew they were taken!).

We talked about it all the way home. Joseph seemed to sum it up when he announced, "WOW...that was a close one!" If that's the closest call of the day, we're in good shape! Happy New Year, everyone!

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