Friday, October 17, 2014

End of shift...

The Trouble Twins
I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom for anything. But, I would pay a whole lot of money for someone to come and watch my 4 and 2-year-olds at certain times of the day!!! Now is one of those's 2 p.m. I would promise to come back by 3:30 to get my older kids off the bus because I really like that part of the day (even though it tends to be NUTS!).

My 2-1/2-year-old (who refuses to nap), Lucy, is running around in her bathing suit. Yes, it's fall and probably 65 degrees out. But, it wasn't worth the battle. You get it, right? She also is carrying around and applying six lip glosses (the kiddie kind that is nontoxic, thank goodness!). She has colored her hands with markers. And, she keeps getting on a chair to go into the kitchen cabinets. Can you say accident waiting to happen!? I remember not that long ago (March maybe?) when I wrote a blog post about my favorite age (age 2). I'm rethinking this...big time!

I guess I should be glad that she's not trying to climb all over me. I love snuggles most of the day, but I try to steal some "me" time when Teresa is sleeping. For the record, I spent the entire morning actively engaged with her (Lucy) she is not deprived of affection and attention!

This baby turns one next week!!!!
Justin, age 4, had a fabulous time at school this morning. He came home with pumpkin seeds because they made a jack-o-lantern in class. I asked him if he wanted to roast them and eat them. He insisted that he needed to plant them in the backyard immediately. I supported this idea if it would keep he and Lucy entertained for a bit! After all, it's a beautiful fall day.

Skip ahead to the mud party in the bathroom while I was trying to grab a bite of lunch. God help me!!! I love these children, but all my efforts to maintain order (and a somewhat clean) house are defeated! It makes those alcoholic apple ciders in my fridge look mighty appealing!!!

I apologize for the vent post. When I tuck these babies into bed in a few short (okay, who am I kidding!?!) hours, I know that I will thank God for an amazing day with them like I always do. I am tremendously's just easier to remember this at 9 p.m. than at 2 p.m. :)

I was stopped at a red light this morning at a corner where they are building a new Rite Aid. Lucy and Teresa were happy in the backseat, and I was listening to a beautiful song while enjoying my windows down. I watched a man lay bricks. He was working so efficiently and so carefully, and even in the short time that I was at the light, he made great progress. I couldn't help but feel (momentarily) jealous. When he finished his shift, he would have something beautiful (and something that will stand the test of time) to show for it.

What will I have at the end of my shift today!?! This is rhetorical. I know that my work is important. I know that I am carefully laying "bricks" also...just with a much slower (and messier) outcome. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! I will be enjoying one of those alcoholic apple ciders later when my trouble twins are safely tucked in their beds. Now I must go investigate the crash in the other room...

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