Friday, October 10, 2014

The Cure...

Trying on Halloween costumes! They look so cute...too bad they were fighting moments later!
It's Friday afternoon. It's been quite a week. Lucy, age 2-1/2, is napping for the second time this week. Alleluia! The other three afternoons were challenging. When she's not napping then she wants to be with me. As in, on my lap trying to type on the laptop and hold my coffee mug, with me. Ugh! I'm used to Justin watching a movie and Lucy and the baby napping so that I can have some "me" time and recharge my batteries. I can't expect this anymore...and it's a hard transition.

Wednesday and Thursday I ended up putting the laptop away and praying the Rosary with her (Lucy) snuggled on my lap. I think that was a very good use of my time. I love cuddling with my children...I just have to remember to embrace the moment and not think of other things that I could be doing! I had a lot to pray about. For starters, I had just read about another 2-1/2-year-old girl named Lucy who is fighting for her life (she has leukemia). And, I read about several infants this week who passed away (did you follow Shane's Bucket List at all? Such an inspirational reminder that all life is sacred). I wanted to pray for their parents. Anyway, it just felt right to hold my child and pray. Precious moments!

My cutie still prefers baby food to "real" food!
Yes, precious moments! But, yesterday afternoon I started to feel very unbalanced. It was a combination of not enough adult interaction (stay-at-home mom syndrome!), a head cold, hormones, and the change in seasons (less daylight!). We all have days like this, huh!? I felt a strong desire to connect with people...and not the six little people who I am blessed to spend my days with :).

When he got home from work last night, I told my husband that he needed to TALK to me. After the kids were in bed, I asked if we could have a no technology night (it's so easy for us to get on our laptops to check "a few things"...and suddenly it's bed time!). We did watch some TV together (we were both too tired to have much deep conversation!), but it was nice to have someone listen to me. And, the best part, he actually recommended that I go out with my friends!

So, tonight I am meeting a bunch of friends at Panera Bread for some kind of fall drink (I'm ridiculously excited to pick between caramel apple cider and a pumpkin latte!). Beer or wine would be my first choice, but I'm fighting a cold/sinus infection and I don't think that'll help me heal!

But, I think that laughter and connection is just the ticket to help me (physically and emotionally!). Have a blessed weekend everyone :).

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