Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect...

This is a picture of Joseph at 6 months...sporting his Red Sox onesie. It was in the very first package that arrived from Boston once I had my first boy. Papa just couldn't wait to share his love of Boston sports teams with his first grandson! :)

Today is my anniversary! Happy 9th anniversary to my amazing husband. We were married at my parent's church in the Boston suburbs. We spent a lot of time in the city that week with family who had never been in Boston before. Memories!

Obviously, my mind and heart are up in Boston this week. I have been at the Boston Marathon several times (not running it...only enjoying the festive atmosphere!), and I know Copley Square very well. My heart just breaks for all affected...especially for the family and friends of that little boy Martin (who is shown in a picture proudly holding up his First Communion banner).

Just like after Newtown, the prayer that comes to mind is this: "That the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding will guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

But, this post is about something else on my heart today!

My happy children around the table blowing out Lucy's candles. We never have to fight them to eat cake!

I was listening to a rerun of a Mother Angelica Live show in the car on Sunday. I love listening to EWTN radio...but, only when I am driving alone (or with the youngest two who don't complain!).

Mother was talking about our imperfections. She quoted St. Francis Xavier who said that, "Our imperfections die 15 minutes after we do!" This made me feel better...that even the saints strive their entire lives to be better and to overcome their imperfections!

Mother explained that we pray to overcome our imperfections...and then, we get so mad at ourselves as we immediately do the very things that we do not want to do. I can think of a hundred examples of this in my own life!

I wake up every day saying that I am not going to lose my patience with anyone during breakfast.

My kids (except Gianna who is my best eater...any time!) are painfully slow eaters in the morning...and man, do they complain about...everything. I think it's a group mentality thing...all it takes is one cranky child to start it! But, if we don't insist that they eat something (I'm not talking a lot!) shortly after they wake up, we have found that we are in for huge meltdowns when we go through the morning routine.

So, every morning, I lose my patience with someone. Today it was took him over an hour to eat a quarter of a pop tart and a half a banana. He picked it himself and then refused to eat it because he wanted something else. Two-year-olds are among the most stubborn people on the planet :).

After breakfast, the kids are usually happier and more agreeable (because they ate!), and I'm left to feel bad that I started the day on such a sour note. I'm using this as my example...but, I could pick any number of other things!!!

I want to be better. I pray to be better. And then, I am not better and I'm frustrated with my imperfection! (I know, sounds like St. Paul!).

Mother Angelica said that God ALLOWS me to keep my imperfections as gifts. God doesn't want my imperfections to go away! Why!?! Because they force me to turn to back to Him. How true! After I am not the mother that I want to be, I instantly say a quick prayer for forgiveness and strength.

Maybe I would not do that if I was perfect (AS IF...)!

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