Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wonderful One

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy!

It's actually tomorrow (4/08), but I'll be busy making cupcakes (lest I disappoint her siblings!) during my "break" when I usually blog!

Before each new baby is born, I start to panic (well, it's kind of like 9 months of panic attacks...usually only about one a month or so!). There are just so many questions about how a new baby will change our family dynamics. And, I begin to doubt my ability to handle another child (and people who mean well (hopefully) but tell me that I already have my hands full don't really help my state of mind!).

But then, each time, the miracle of child birth has happened. And, the new baby isn't scary at all; rather, lovely and so sweet and so vulnerable and so wanted. Sure, it's a stressful couple of months figuring out the new normal (especially when mom doesn't look or feel like herself), but it goes by so fast...and, there so many great moments to offset the stress.

These days, Lucy just makes me happy (sometimes tired too, although she is sleeping much better!). The other kids will be arguing, complaining, whining, etc., and Lucy will just be content. She will smile back at me 100% of the time, and I enjoy being someone's favorite person in the whole world! I feel JOY at the sight of my baby (I mean my toddler!!!). Not to mention, she keeps me sane...

What a gift she is to me and to our family...thank you God!

Happy Wonderful One, Lucy!

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