Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things of beauty...

We just bought our first American flag! Our new house has a flag stand thing, so the Red, White, and Blue are proudly flying outside as I write this! After watching everything resolve in Boston on Friday night, I couldn't imagine a more beautiful sight than my children holding our flag on Saturday morning! God Bless America!

Yes, the roses are beautiful! But, the love that they signify is even more beautiful! My husband brought me these roses for our anniversary this week. It struck me how much our love has grown (with each child) when Gianna commented that Daddy must really love me if he brought me so many beautiful red roses!

Gianna, age 6-1/2, is very interested in the concept of an anniversary. She made us both beautiful cards, and she was very happy to celebrate our marriage. Thank you God for my marriage and my family, and God Bless all those with struggling marriages.

Joseph, age 5, just said "Happy Whatever-today-is!" :)

We're headed out to enjoy a chilly but beautiful Sunday at Hershey Gardens (gorgeous botanical gardens that just happen to be free to to public today!). Have a beautiful day!

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