Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our wild ride...

I made an annoucement to the world yesterday (well, actually to my family and my 85 or so "friends" (I know, such a small number of "friends" compared to most of my "friends") on facebook!

It felt so good to share the news! My husband told me that I didn't waste any time, but I told him that it feels like I waited forever to say that...

We are expecting again! Praise God for a wonderful OB appointment yesterday where I heard the strong heartbeat of this little one due the end of October.

I carefully worded my facebook post. I know that my close friends and family are very happy for us. In fact, most of my close friends already knew the news (it was hard to see them day after day and not say anything when I was feeling so gross!). I was so touched by the heartfelt congrats and well wishes. I am extremely blessed with wonderful people in my life!

I started off my post by saying that I know that our hands are full. And that, my husband and I have accepted the fact that there will NEVER be enough (time, money, patience, room in our house, etc.!).

BUT, despite this, God has blessed us beyond our wildest imaginations, and we are choosing to trust Him to provide for this family that He is creating. So much of everything is out of our hands...but, this wild ride is our path to heaven...and even the bumps provide tremendous gifts, consolations, and joy.

What stood out the most (and perhaps this is just my human nature) weren't the many "likes" and congrats comments on my facebook page (although I sure was grateful for the support). But rather, the "likes" and comments that did NOT appear (from family mostly...cousins that I don't see that often...and friends from the past) from people who I assume must have seen it (because they were posting and liking things at the same time that I shared my news).

It is not surprising, but it does sting a little. It reminds me of what a good friend of mine told me when his dad died. He said that he will forgot who came to the funeral (including tons of unexpected people), but he will never forget who DIDN'T come.

Just a bit of reflection! I know that expecting my 6th baby in less than 7 years is counter-cultural and maybe even crazy (I joked that I'm only sane on most days!), BUT, I meant it when I said that we are joyfully awaiting this baby...what an awesome gift! :)

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