Monday, December 16, 2013


I love this picture of my "twins" in brown and white! This picture was taken back in August on a hot day. The high today is around 25 and windy, so I'm loving the summer shot (although I still probably prefer the weather today to a humid 90+ day...I know, I've been told that I'm crazy!).

The world is sparkly outside my window. We got about 3 inches of snow on Saturday. It was perfect...enough to make everything look Christmas-y and beautiful, but not enough to cause any real problems (or even a school delay as it was over the weekend!). Although, I did just learn that a young 9-month-pregnant woman died on local snow-covered roads this weekend...and her baby survived. I'm praying for the woman, the family, and for the Christmas miracle baby. Stories like that really stay with me.

There is something else sparkling around here these days. That is, my children! There is magic in the air as we joyfully await the birth of Christ and, of course, Santa Claus! The twinkle of anticipation in their eyes is simply contagious.

Something extra nice that I have seen recently is Cecilia (age 4) being very kind to Lucy (age 1-1/2). They play together frequently, and I listen to Cecilia being extra patient and caring toward a toddler who is just learning to talk and so badly wants to be included. All of my children have their moments of being nice toward each other, but Cecilia's behavior is really standing out. I'll have to put in a good word for her with Santa Claus!

I'm going to get off the computer to enjoy the baby smiling at me. At almost 2-months-old, Teresa is finally able to communicate with me a little bit more. I must say that I prefer the smiles to the newborn wail! Speaking of Teresa, she is going to play baby Jesus at the preschool nativity play on Thursday. I will be Mary!

Somehow I think she will be more believable at her role :).

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