Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Sky...

Last Thursday, my husband, Teresa, and I played the role of the Holy Family at Cecilia and Justin's preschool. Lucy (seen above) was...something!? She was supposed to hold a lamb (a pint-sized shepherd?), but she was really just a toddler walking around the altar!

It was great fun...and a great honor too. My mother pretty much summed up my feelings in an e-mail that she sent me after I sent her pictures..."Trish, you have reached the sky when you get to portray Mary!"

Behind the Holy Family are the teachers at the preschool. They are beautiful women (all mothers too) who work very hard to give our children a most valuable preschool experience. I will never forget their kindness toward my growing family (these years seem to be speeding up and my children will not be young forever...but I won't forget...and neither will my kids!).

I am so grateful for this preschool at this stage in my life. When I became a mother, I prayed for friends and community (I was new to Harrisburg and had not built up a support network yet)...prayers answered the day that I walked into Linglestown Christian Nursery School when Joseph was 2-years-old (before that, I had a great group of new mom network and breastfeeding group friends!). I have met many of my closest friends in these halls :).

I must get off the computer. Before writing this, I was trying to sneak in a little prayer for the end of Advent. As I sat down by the beautiful Christmas tree with a hot cup of coffee and a little Advent reflection prayer book, my baby immediately started crying in her swing (she was fussy so I thought the motion would comfort her). A few prayers in, I realized that I was ignoring Baby Jesus (quite literally last Thursday...ha!)!!! God's will for me was quite clear for me at this moment...and I was doing my very best to ignore it!

As soon as I picked up Teresa, she nuzzled into me and went fast asleep...she just wanted to be held. Luckily, taking care of my baby's need IS a prayer too! The tree and coffee (thank goodness for microwaves) aren't going anywhere!

Wishing all of you a most blessed Christmas. Praying that the baby Jesus will come into all of our lives and make us better people! 

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