Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Remember, O most gracious Virgin of Guadalupe, that in your apparitions on Mount Tepeyac you promised to show pity and compassion to all who, loving and trusting you, seek your help and protection. Accordingly, listen now to our supplications and grant us consolation and relief. We are full of hope that, relying on your help, nothing can trouble or affect us. As you have remained with us through your admirable image, so now obtain for us the graces we need. Amen.

Getting ready to play on a cold day! Justin was being very "3" and Lucy was just delighted because she was wearing a hat!
I love December 12th. It is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! I have shared in the past on this blog about the special favors that Our Lady has obtained for me under this title. I think my devotion started when I was living in a convent in Arizona.

Yes, a convent. And, no, it's not what you think :). When I had my teaching/traveling job, I had to find a place to live at each new location. I stayed in wonderful places, less than wonderful places, and a downright scary place! 

But, two favorites stand out. One was the convent in Phoenix, Arizona (I lived there with two religious sisters and one retired priest!), and the other was a Catholic Seminary in Washington, D.C. (where I met my husband!).

Anyway, I remember a big celebration at the convent for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. One of the sisters was of Mexican descent, and she had lots of family and friends over on December 12th! It started with Mass at the beautiful chapel (convenient to have a priest living right there in the convent!), and then we eat, drank, and laughed for hours!

Since then, I have had a special fondness for Mary under this title. And, she hasn't failed me when I have prayed for special intentions!

Today I was blessed to have six Catholic mom friends over to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe with me! Four more friends couldn't make it (it's a very busy time of year!), but they were with us in spirit. We said a decade of the Rosary as we prayed for each other's intentions. I love bringing Catholic moms together because of the fellowship, support, and laughter (we're really just a bunch of sinners trying the best we can!)...and, because of course, Jesus is present when two or more are gathered in His name! I think Jesus was pleased that the guest of honor this morning was his mother :). 

Lucy, Teresa and I at Teresa's Baptism last month!

Teresa is almost 2-months-old! She is so tiny and precious. As long as she's held, she's a delightful baby. Of course, there are times when I have to put her down!

I am ready to begin blogging again. But...a big will often be on-the-fly (which means it'll be like turning in the first draft of a paper...something I never did in, forgive the errors and rambling! If I wait until later to proofread/improve it, it'll never get published!).

I just received my 2014 schedule for the website. I am honored to be a part of their team again. I will be writing Gospel reflections as well as monthly personal reflections. I feel a strong calling to write (though I acknowledge that it may be more for myself than for what it brings to others...ha!!!).

In conclusion (trying to tie together my random I said, my blog posts are like rough drafts!)... today I am celebrating three of my favorite things: Our Lady of Guadalupe, my Catholic Mom friends who are a tremendous joy and help, and my return to writing (I dedicate this blog and all my writings to Our Lady of Guadalupe...praying that she will make it MUCH better and productive!).

Happy 2nd week of Advent, friends!

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