Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Special Hallway...

Joseph's special cards!
My oldest, Gianna, is home sick from 1st grade today with a fever and sore throat. Luckily, it's kind of a lazy day for the rest of us (no preschool on Wednesday) so she can lounge around the house to rest up and (hopefully!) be better for tomorrow.

This morning, I had to tell Joseph (Kindergarten) that Gianna was not going to school today. "You mean that I have to go all by myself", he asked!? He and Gianna ride the bus together each morning, see each other several times a day at school (their classrooms are in the same hallway at Holy Name of Jesus school), and I've been told by the principal that they couldn't be any cuter when they often (at least in the beginning of the school year...not sure if this still happens!) walk to the end-of-the-day bus holding hands...I love that :).

I reminded Joseph that he's done it before (Gianna has been out a few others times this year while Joseph...thank God...has been healthy all year!). He was brave and got on the bus with a smile (luckily, he just loves school and today he has library, gym, and art!).

The special hallway houses Grades K thru 3 at Holy Name. Every Sunday, I am able to walk this hallway when we pick up Cecilia from her preschool CCD class which takes place in Joseph's K classroom. I just love seeing all the student work neatly displayed. More than that though, I love knowing that my children are so physically close to each other all day long. It is comforting to know that they have each other...they have always been very close! God willing, next year Cecilia will join this hallway too!

The picture above is from last Wednesday, the feast of St. Joseph. During indoor recess (the coldest winter ever continues!), Gianna decided to make a "Happy Feast Day" card for her brother Joseph. Her three best friends decided to make one as well! Their kind teacher allowed the girls to walk down the hall and leave the cards on Joseph's desk (he was at lunch so he wasn't there).

Joseph was delighted when he got back to his desk. He said, "Mom! There were these cards...and they were just for ME!" I thanked Gianna for her thoughtfulness and told her to thank her friends as well. I took the picture above to capture the moment. I can only pray that they always love each other this much!!

This is the plan for the rest of the day....lounging around! Sure, there will be many stir crazy moments, but they are lucky to have so many siblings to play with :). Off to get Lucy from a very short nap (sigh!). Have a blessed day, everyone!

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