Monday, March 17, 2014

The Least Helpful Leprechaun!

Impossible to get a good picture of Lucy these days...she's on the move!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We all have various shades of green on today (except Gianna who still had to wear her navy blue and gray plaid jumper!).

This morning I went to a fun play date where Irish music was playing in the background, and we snacked on Irish soda bread and drank Irish coffee (minus the Baileys...darn!). My daughter Cecilia is so excited that a leprechaun is coming to school tomorrow (March 18???) because there are too many classes for all of them to hunt for the leprechaun today. Um, okay! I'm actually fine with it because March 17th is about St. Patrick (leprechauns optional!). Some of the other parents were upset though!

This post is about Lucy the leprechaun. She'll be 2 in about three weeks. I really can't believe it. I was at a birthday party yesterday and someone who hasn't seen our family in a bit kept calling the baby Lucy. I told her it's okay...I feel like Lucy was in the baby carrier just yesterday!

Anyway, 2 is definitely one of my favorite ages (I only go as high as 7 though...ha!). I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my children at this age (personality becomes evident, language is exploding with all the adorable mispronunciations, super cute and cuddly, potential for good naps, easily distracted/re-directed, little need for discipline, etc., etc.!). I try to hurry up and enjoy it because 3 comes fast (enough said!)...

Lucy's favorite chore is laundry. This is because I am constantly doing laundry (ha!) and she is my sidekick. This is how Lucy does laundry: Take a piece of clothing out of the basket and run to put it away in a drawer. Sounds good, no? Well trained for age 2!

One problem...she NEVER puts the clothing in the right drawers! Ironically, if I hold up a piece of clothing, 99% of the time, she can tell me who it belongs to.

Just today I found Joseph's underwear in Gianna's pants drawer, my socks in with Justin's socks (socks are socks, I guess!), Cecilia's pajamas in with Daddy's stuff. You get it! The thing is that she's SO proud of herself that I don't have the heart to stop her (I just make her pile very small and I do the rest)!

If she could only get it right, my load would be so much lighter :).

Here's my cutest leprechaun! She's still tiny, but look at those chins!

St. Patrick, pray for us!


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