Monday, March 31, 2014

Ah...that's so nice!

I found Cecilia "reading" this book to Justin the other day. I love it when I "catch" my kids doing some of my favorite things: being kind to each other and reading! They didn't even know that I was taking their picture. Until...

The flash ruined the moment :). Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

This post is about kindness. On Saturday, two people (well, more than two, but this post is just about two!) were very kind to our family. Simple gestures really, but they made for some very happy kids!

The first was Saturday morning. I had to take Cecilia to the pediatrician. Nothing serious, thank God. Gianna came with us just to get out of the house for a little bit (she's my child who likes to be on the go!). After our appointment (a quick appointment after a very long wait!), the pediatrician personally walked the girls out to the front desk to pick out tattoos (used to be stickers, but I guess these are more exiting!).

As this pediatrician has gotten to know our family very well over the past 7-1/2 years, she suggested that the girls also pick out tattoos for Joseph, Justin, and Lucy. The girls carefully chose a proper tattoo for each child (superheroes for the boys and Hello Kitty for Lucy!).

Not a giant deal...but, as families with multiple kids is a giant deal in their world! There are times when only one child gets something...and, I think this is actually a VERY good thing so the others keep learning quickly that the world doesn't revolve around them and that unfortunately, sometimes "It's just not fair!"

But, in this instance, we walked in the door with tattoos for everyone. And, these gifts that only cost a few cents, were worth much more! The thoughtful doctor made everyone feel special by remembering them. Joseph even wanted to write a thank you note!

I appreciated it probably more than the kids :).

Here's my sweet love. She didn't get a tattoo, but she just smiled anyway!
The other thoughtful mom is a friend of mine. Her son is in Joseph's Kindergarten class and her daughter is in Justin's preschool class. We have known them for years now through my mom's club.

Anyway, Saturday was her son's 6th birthday party. Joseph, Teresa, and I went and enjoyed bowling, arcade games, pizza, and cake. Well, Teresa didn't do anything of these things, but she loved the lights, noises, and smiling faces and then took a nice cat nap in my arms!

When we were getting ready to leave, my friend asked me to wait a minute. And then, she handed me a huge bag with favor bags for the rest of my children at home!!! thoughtful! For the second time that day, I walked in the door at home and was able to greet the kids with something special. Again, they were so excited to be remembered. Joseph handed out the bags and they were thrilled with the music makers, light-up balls, gummies, and ring pops! The fun lasted at least an hour on a rainy, cold Saturday afternoon.

Again, I probably appreciated it more than my kids :).

To be remembered is priceless (even if we take it for granted). I pray for all those who are forgotten and lonely this day...especially the elderly in nursing homes. I mentioned to some friends that I would love to visit a nursing home with my children for Lent. I would love to share my little sunshines and brighten someone's day.

Problem is, I don't have the guts. I did a few errands with Justin, Lucy, and Teresa today while Cecilia was at school...that was quite stressful enough! I can only imagine me chasing Lucy through a nursing home! So, I'll offer some prayers instead :).

Here's to thoughtfulness and remembering others...

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