Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What a day!

My fun-loving, creative, sweet Joseph

However many saints you have as your intercessors, be especially devoted to St. Joseph, 
who can obtain a great deal from God.
St. Teresa of Avila
Doctor of the Church

Some saints are privileged to extend to us their patronage with particular efficacy in certain needs, but not in others; but our holy patron St. Joseph has the power to assist us in all cases, 
in every necessity, in every undertaking.
St. Thomas Aquinas
Doctor of the Church

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! 

Our Joseph knows that it's his special feast day. It's also my husband's feast day (middle name Joseph), and the day that our Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, PA is installing a new Bishop (thanks be to God!). My husband has an exciting day of welcoming and assisting the 30+ Bishops from around the country (and beyond) who are descending on St. Patrick Cathedral at 2 p.m. for the Installation Mass followed by a special reception. My day isn't quite as exciting! :)

I love the two quotes above about St. Joseph. How powerful is his intercession! I shared this story last year, but it's on my mind today so I'll share it again! When Gianna was 7-months-old, we accompanied my husband to a conference in Columbus, OH (we can hardly make it the 2 miles to church with our whole family right now...never mind Columbus...ha!). On a beautiful spring day almost 7 years ago, I was taking a walk with Gianna when I came across a beautiful Catholic church which happened to be open.

I saw a small shrine to St. Joseph and I was instantly drawn to it. As it had taken us two years to conceive Gianna, I was already hoping and praying that we would conceive again (after infertility, you never take the precious gift of fertility for granted again). I asked through St. Joseph's powerful intercession for the gift of a new baby. And, I promised if it was a boy that we would name him Joseph. A few weeks after we were back in Harrisburg, I got a positive pregnancy test. Thank you, St. Joseph! 

Please be the constant guide and protector of my husband and son!



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