Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celebrating Life...

Happy Joseph after his Kindergarten Egg Hunt!
I only have a very brief time to write today! It's Holy Thursday. My big kids had a half day of school today, so four kids are watching a show on PBS kids (and arguing terribly...hence I have to go!) and two are sleeping (not very keeps crying out and she'll wake up toddler momentarily, I'm sure!). It's not a very restful break for mom today...oh well!!! There was a day (not that long ago!) when days like this would make me very upset. I've learned to "just go with it" (sometimes!) and it makes us all happier! :)

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a very blessed Easter! I still do not have a new laptop (I'm trying to use my old desktop which keeps freezing to write this!), but my afternoons have been dedicated to reading and prayer. It has been a surprisingly fruitful and peaceful change of pace! I'll have to remember this when I finally do get a new computer!

Today is also my 10th wedding anniversary. I read recently that in order for a marriage to be "happy," there needs to be at least five positive interactions for every one negative interaction. Otherwise, the relationship starts on a downward spiral until neither person remembers why they fell in love!

I'm not saying that we've had 10 perfect sir...but, I do think that (thank God!) our positive interactions with each other are much more frequent than our negative interactions. Maybe it's because we are much quicker to forgive these days...or because we are so distracted by our children that we easily forget what we were fighting about to begin with! Whatever! I am so incredibly blessed to be married to such a dependable, hardworking, and thoughtful man. And, he never ever fails to make me laugh. Which is good...I need a lot of laughter to stay sane ;). God bless our marriage.

Such a fun week at preschool!
Justin's bunny ears kept falling down...should've stuck with the Red Sox hat for the hat parade!
Break time is most definitely over...I have to go! Since plastic eggs are taking over my house, I think we'll do an egg hunt in the backyard on this beautiful sunny spring day. Why not, right!? Happy kids means happy mommy...first I'm off to make a cup of coffee! Just gonna go with it!

Happy Easter, friends :).

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