Monday, April 28, 2014

The nerve...

Happy Feast Day, Gianna!
We've had dessert a lot lately. The kids never expected it after dinner...until April! We had two birthdays and lots and lots of cake! Then there was Easter, so of course, I made a special treat. Then this weekend, we were blessed to spend time with my brother who was in town from Boston. You guessed it...more sugar!

I'm ready to get back to our "desserts are special" lifestyle. But, there is one more thing we must celebrate tonight. Today is April 28th, the feast of St. Gianna!!!!

So, my Gianna (who loves treats more than anyone in the house...well, I am very close competition!) asked if we could celebrate tonight after dinner. How could I say no!? I am so grateful for our powerful intercessor that I think I'll make some oatmeal raisin (well, I'll probably reach for the chocolate chips instead!) cookies (for a *slightly* healthier alternative)!

My truth stretchers...
There is a common phenomenon in our house. I will ask a child a question. For example, "Did you fill-in-the-blank?" (Insert: go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, put your shoes away, hit your sister, etc.)

The answer is most commonly the one that they know that I want to hear."Of course I went to the bathroom, Mom!"

Problem is (and I know that this is a very common problem in homes of preschoolers!), the answer is just not truthful!!! I've read up on this a bit. I know that preschoolers often BELIEVE that they are telling the truth. They get confused because they can convince themselves quite easily that the action did in fact happen (or didn't happen!).

Luckily, most of the time it is harmless (although incredibly annoying!). Or, I am able to discern quite quickly that the child is "lying" so that I can correct and discipline if necessary. Sometimes I am not sure if they are telling the truth or not, so I tend to think the worst...

Enjoying a walk through the gorgeous Hershey Gardens on a beautiful spring day!
Gianna and Joseph (my two oldest) are not easily forgiven for this offense (if they are caught, that is!). At 7-1/2 and 6, they are old enough to know better. And, for the most part, they will just do what I am asking instead of dealing with my declining mood if they do not!

That said, I was very cranky during dinner a few nights ago. No one was enjoying the meal that I had thrown together (me included!), and I was getting many complaints. I told the children that, like it or not, this was dinner tonight. So, they ate (not without whining and pouting, but they ate!). My husband is awesome and never complains!

Until...Joseph suddenly jumped up. "I can't eat anymore," he shouted, "because...I was just stung by a bee!"

ER...I was getting angry. He had some nerve coming up with this tall tale to get out a meal...

I was getting ready to blow my top. Enough lying already...

When suddenly, a red ant with wings...the stinging kind...flew out of his shorts!!!!

What the....? He had been playing in the yard all afternoon, but really? I've never even seen one of those around before!

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to doubt!?! And I thought I had such good motherly instincts...ha!

Have a great day, friends!!! St. Gianna, pray for us!

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