Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Score...A New Friend!

My baby holding my other baby = LOVE THIS!
Today is Wednesday. It is our "day off" because there is no preschool. There is less rushing in the morning, but unfortunately, this isn't as good as it sounds! There is no reason that we have to be in the car by 9:15, so I try to accomplish a few other things (like finishing the never-ending switch from winter to spring clothes!). Unfortunately, my kids notice that I'm not paying attention to them which leads to extra meltdowns and sibling squabbles! I definitely prefer the predictability and routine of school days (shhhhh...I know summer is coming, but don't say it outloud!!!).

Anyway, once we were ready to go (I deserted my project when it became clear that no one was going to disappear into the basement and play happily!), I asked the children where they wanted to go. It is quite cool and windy, so outdoors was not an option. And, sadly, as I've written before, the indoor options are limited in Harrisburg! We've had really fun play dates the last two Wednesdays, so I was kinda bummed to be on my own again!

"The Mall," said Justin, excited that I had given them a choice. "Really? Again?" I said. Cecilia and Lucy started jumping up and down shouting, "Mall," so it was unanimous (among the kids, at least!).

As we approached the mall playground (perfect for my preschool crew), I was hoping to see someone I know (never happens) or at least someone to potentially chat with (meaning someone who was not completely engrossed in their phone!). Watching my children play is one of my life's greatest pleasures, but I am home alone with my children all day it can be kinda lonely too (don't have to tell many of my readers this)!

I was pleasantly surprised to see a woman sitting alone watching her two young boys play. She did not have her phone out, and she actually smiled as we walked in...all good signs!

I always sit in the same place when I come to this playground. It is a little bit more private so I can nurse the baby and hide the stroller, shoes, snacks, etc. The kids headed for my usual corner as they know the drill! To their surprise, I chose another bench closer to the smiling mom. I wasn't too close in case she just wanted to be alone (I definitely have those days!), but close enough to talk if a natural opportunity presented itself.

And, I am happy to report that it did present itself. And, I spent a lovely 45 minutes talking to a new "friend." She has four kids and is hoping for #5, so we instantly had a lot in common! The more we talked, the more I liked her. We exchanged e-mails and cell phone numbers for future play dates, so I think I can call her a "friend." After all, I am "friends" with people on Facebook who I will most likely never see again (and that's fine!). So, I think the word fits in this instance!

Looking concerned about blowing out the candles. No worries...lots of siblings to help :).
My friends are invaluable to me on this stay-at-home journey! I am blessed with many great women in my life and I am honored to call them friends. But, I am always on the lookout for new friends too! In our "mind your own business" culture of isolation, they are not always easy to find!

I feel like I found a new treasure today, and I am grateful! Have a great day, friends!

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