Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Glad someone's ready!

Gianna and Joseph enjoying Fun Field Day at Holy Name
Today was the last day of preschool...forever...for Cecilia! Justin had his last day as well (although he still has two more years of preschool!), and Joseph has his last full day of Kindergarten today (half day tomorrow and then he's done).

Yikes! How did this sneak up on me!?! Summer is here?! God willing, as of tomorrow, I will have 5 kids home all day (Gianna has a few weeks left). Really? Oh no...it's too much for me...too intense!!! Breathe...because, as my husband reminds me...it hasn't happened yet, so I don't have the graces that I need yet...but God will provide them as needed!

The kids are ready! They will miss their friends (and for certain, they will get bored and restless!), but they will embrace a slower pace (especially in the morning) and more time to just play.

I love my kids...all of them...so much. I want to be with them and I am content to be a stay-at-home mom. But, I would so gladly and quickly move to a state that had school throughout the summer!!! 

I am writing this to prepare myself mentally and physically. The good thing is that I've done this before. And, I know that after a few days of transition, we will settle in. And, I will actually enjoy it (writing it helps me to remember this!).

I used to DESPISE (I mean really hate, can you tell!?) staying home after naps every day. These are the longest hours of the day with the most meltdowns, whining, etc. It did us all good to have a change of scenery. Time sped up, and the kids were better when I was trying to make dinner. Sometimes I would host a playdate instead so we didn't have to rush around to get out the door.

But, then this fall changed all that.

Joseph started full-day Kindergarten and he really wanted to decompress and play after getting off the bus at 3:45...not rush through a snack and get into the minivan.

In October, Teresa was born. And, I needed to sit down and nurse this little person all the time. The kids weren't really big fans of sitting in the car waiting for me to nurse before we rushed through an activity to get home to make dinner.

I stopped inviting people over because...well...my kids (with all different personalities and temperaments) are tired and not at their best in the afternoons...and same for the other kids that I invited over...so it stopped being fun and felt more like work (although I really miss seeing my friends more!).

And, you know what? My afternoons are still long (VERY long somedays!), but I actually like staying home. The kids know the drill and they have gotten much better at entertaining themselves. Blessings sneak in daily...beautiful moments that my heart wouldn't have captured if we were running around. There is more time to just BE together as a family. My children are growing closer to their siblings, and I am calmer, more loving, and peaceful (most of the time!).

Another week or two of school wouldn't make me ready...but it would be nice :). Since it's not going to happen, I say (begrudgingly!), "Welcome Summer!" If we can do afternoons together, why not all day (* but please God send those graces quick*)!!!

Justin holding Teresa at his end of year show!

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