Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Laugh...

Did I mention that I LOVE our new fence!?!
I was having a lovely conversation with two women last week at a place called Tumble Town (yup, a preschool paradise on a rainy day!). I know one of the moms pretty well, but the other I had just met that day.

They were both loving my sweet baby. As she is number six, I have absolutely no problem handing her right over to (within reason!) anyone who would like to hold her!

One said, "Ohh...this puts me on the fence again (about another child). But, I'm just too old." The other said, "Yeah, if I was younger, then we would've had another one." They then shared their ages.

Um...they're both younger than me! And, their youngest are 3 and 4. So, I've had several babies since I was their ages.

I decided not to join in by offering my age (I'm 38, for the record). It would've put them on the defensive as they went out of their way to tell me that it's just not for them and that they were definitely not talking about me!!!

They are very nice ladies, and they certainly meant no harm. And, I am definitely not assuming that another child is right for their family (I really have no idea of God's plan for their families!), but I do know that God does not mistakes. Obviously, women in their late 30s and 40's are able to have babies...God trusts us with precious gifts even at ripe ole ages (lol!), and He supplies the graces and means to raise them too :).

So, I just had to laugh a little bit to myself as I dragged the four kids out of the mall. I actually felt quite old that day, but I think it had more to do with the fact that it was raining torrentially and I was trying to shove hungry, tired children into the minivan rather than biology :).

Preschool graduation is only a week away!
Another "just laugh" moment....

I was trying to get breakfast for everyone yesterday morning before heading out the door to Mass. It was actually more like a mid-morning snack because everyone was up so early and "breakfast" was long gone...

Gianna, age 7-1/2, was cranky while waiting for her food (of course, it's not as easy as just putting food down on the table because everyone likes different things...and I was trying to avoid arguments!).

I was getting her waffles ready when she yelled out, " order still has not arrived!!!!!"

Ummm....excuse me?! I didn't realize that I was a waitress (I haven't seen many tips lately!).

After sending her away from the table, and then calling her back a minute later (we really didn't have much time), disciplining, and receiving an apology (albeit not the most sincere!), I had to laugh to myself again.

Perhaps she should try another restaurant...the service is probably much better there :).

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