Thursday, May 1, 2014


This morning I went to JC Penney Portrait Studios because I had a great coupon: only $3.99 per sheet! Because I belong to their portrait club, there is no sitting fee. So, I was really hoping for a good shot of Lucy (age 2), Teresa (6 months), and both my babies together (I haven't gotten a picture of just two kids together since Gianna and Joseph were toddlers...but, today the girls had these gorgeous dresses on and I wanted to capture a moment....).

I captured nothing...ha!! I did get a headache for my efforts. And, luckily, I made it back to preschool in time (wasn't sure about that because I was waiting and waiting to see my comical pictures!).

It is just impossible to get a picture of Lucy these days (see above and below for exhibits A and B). She is extremely camera shy (especially with strangers!) and always on the go!

She was smelling the flowers and it was beautiful...but now it just looks like she's!
While I really wasn't expecting to get a good picture of Lucy, I was really hopeful about Teresa. I have 6-month-old shots of all my babies (well, I think Lucy was late!), and they are my favorites in the whole house!!!

Poor Teresa didn't feel up to smiling though. She had her 6-month-old well visit yesterday at 4:15 p.m. My afternoons with the kids have been atrocious lately, so I was actually looking forward to handing over the reigns to Daddy (who came home early to watch the troops) and going to the pediatrician.

Up until the shots, we both enjoyed it! Even though we were stuck in a small exam room for an eternity, we were both quite happy. I felt like I was on vacation (ha!), and Teresa was loving all the undivided attention.

But, then came the shots. And, poor baby has had low fevers and sore legs ever since (hence the bad pictures this morning!). Should've thought of this before I booked pictures!

These two love the camera ;)
Gianna's 1st grade class is having a Mother's Day Tea next Friday. It sounds like fun (it's a terrible time for my husband to come home and watch the other kids...but no siblings are allowed!).

Last night, my husband was working after dinner. Four of the kids were playing (well, in between quarrels!) in the basement. Gianna and I were taking turns brushing each other's hair (I remember doing this with my mom when I was young!).

She told me that she had to fill out a questionnaire about me for the Mother's Day Tea. She said she had trouble on one question (I flashbacked to when she told her 3-year-old teacher that I was 66!). "Which one?" I asked (not really knowing if I wanted to know!).

She explained that the question was, "I like it when my mom and I do _____ together." She said that she couldn't think of anything that we did together because I was always so busy cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the other kids. How great I felt...ha!!! Sorry I asked!

I wanted to remind her that we were actually spending special time together right then (but, maybe this didn't count in her mind!?!).

Anyway, she informed me that she did not write the word "nothing" on the line (PHEW!). Then she said that she wrote "play soccer" together. Um...okay! I did play soccer in the yard with her....once...last year! I guess that moment meant a lot to her!

I can think of lots of other things that I do with her...not that I'm defensive! And, of course, I can/should do more...especially if she feels that way!

After 5 inches of rain yesterday, it is a beautiful (albeit too humid for my taste...because it means summer is!) day. Soccer anyone!?!

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