Monday, July 9, 2012

Simple thoughts about our amazing surprise...

My thoughts about the HHS Mandate are very simple. Not because I'm disinterested or because I don't care what happens. I do! I am not a very political person, but I do hope and pray that all of our politicians will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit for the good of our nation and all people.

I was taken offguard at a recent visit to the pediatricians. One of the female doctors in the practice asked me if we would have health insurance next year. She knows that we are a Catholic family and that my husband works for the Catholic Diocese. I told her that we are praying for a resolution. She said, in a very kind tone, that we could always just purchase Obama's insurance because it would be in the best interest of our family.

I didn't answer her. I just smiled and put my lips tightly together. She is a kind woman and an excellent doctor. My son Joseph was in the hospital for 5 days when he was 3-weeks-old. This doctor was exceptional. She made sure that not only my son, but that I (as a postpartum, stressed-out, sleep-deprived mom) was treated with great compassion and dignity. We still talk about this in detail every time that I see her. Her memory blows me away...this was four years ago and she has hundreds of patients.

So, I just smiled. I really like her, and I didn't want to offend her. Yes...she had just offended me...but, I was afraid to speak up.

A huge fault of mine...I am horrible at apologetics. I try to spread the Gospel without words, and the Miraculous Medal around my neck and my 5 young children in tow tend to speak loudly, I've found! One answer did immediately pop into my mind though, when she suggested that we could just purchase Obama's insurance. It was this (besides the fact that we never would because we believe in the church and all her teachings): because of Justin.

Justin was our surprise baby. Cecilia was only 4-months-old, exclusively nursing, no bottles or pacifiers, not sleeping through the night, when I discovered that I was pregnant. I was shocked as I didn't realize that I could conceive without a cycle return. But, here he is...almost 2-years-old. And, what a blessing! That sweet smile and those affectionate hugs melt my heart. He is a blessing to me, his father, and to his siblings. He is a blessing to his grandparents, cousins, and who knows who else in this world. God created him because we were open to life and God's timing. What an amazing unexpected gift.

Although we do not contracept and will not, I think Justin came to mind because of all the Justin's who are not here. All the Justin's who God wanted to send. All the people who are missing someone...and do not even realize who or what they are missing. They are trying to fill that spot in their heart without success.

I'm not judging. My good friends who have chosen to only have 2 children have explained their reasons and I can only pray that they are following God's will for their lives. They very possibly are, and it is as it should be. My good friends and family who have not been able to conceive have taught me to never, ever judge the size of one's family as, again, I do not know God's perfect plan for them.

But, I cannot help but feel that our government allowing people insurance-covered birth control and procedures will hurt us all.

I am not meaning to oversimplify a very challenging matter. Nor am I meaning to dismiss the seriousness. I am just sharing something that pops into my mind whenever someone brings this subject up (which is a lot these days!). An adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler who makes me so happy (and keeps me on my toes!). I thank God for this amazing surprise!

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