Friday, July 20, 2012

The desire is there...

A spontaneous prayer. I really feel like I should be praying rather than what I am doing (e-mail, house hunting online, glancing at what people posted on facebook, sending kids back downstairs so mom can have "a few more minutes"), etc. I feel that none of these are how God wants me to spend my time right now. So...

Oh Lord, thank you so much for all the blessings of this day. Please forgive me all my shortcomings and please give me the grace to be BETTER at all that I am called to do. Please continue to bless and protect my family. Please help me to make better use of the time that you give me.

Some blessings that I might forget/ignore if I do not reflect on them:

--My husband and all his strengths. So easy to focus on what I wanted him to do that he didn't do, and so easy to forget the many things that he does so well.

--My brother who just sent me the sweetest text to tell me that he loves me and the kids and that he thinks I'm a good mom. It would be so simple to glance at the words in passing because it was not the text that I wanted or expected instead of feeling the love behind them. Priceless.

--My son who just asked for a second lollipop. It was a very well thought out proposal for a 4-year-old!!! And, because I am feeling so lazy on this dreary day, his teeth are rotting right now as his blood sugar soars!

--My sweet baby who is taking her good afternoon nap. This morning I was at a playdate with two girlfriends. They were deep in conversation when my 3-month-old just starting cracking up. Giggles galore. My friends were oblivious, but I was in heaven. Nothing else instantly makes me feel like I could welcome 10 more babies. I recently read a survey that 95% of moms prefer a baby laughing to a baby sleeping. It's a toss up for me...both are so precious.

-- My almost 3-year-old who is painting her nails next to me. I am justifying it to myself by considering it a fine motor exercise! In reality, she's making a mess and the fumes are making us both high (even though it's a little girl's nail polish). But, she is SO happy (or maybe delirious from the fumes!).

Thank you, Lord, for the desire to pray. Please, Holy Spirit, inspire me to pray always by seeing You in all the big and little happenings in my day. Amen.

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