Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A few of our favorite things...

Well, they are a few of MY favorite things, but my children seem to share the love today. I'm talking about the things of favorite season!

After picking up the kids from school this afternoon, I was inspired to drive my tired and whiny crew out to the farmer's market. Although they complained all the way there, they were instantly happy when we pulled up.

"Look at the pumpkins!" they shouted. Inside, they were greeted with free samples of apple cider (mixed reviews from the kids, but we bought a gallon for Mommy and Daddy!) and apples galore. Not to mention the beautiful mums and aisles of fresh produce.

We filled our cart and spent an eternity picking out the perfect pumpkin. But, everyone was happy...especially me. Did I mention that I love fall?

On the way home, the topic turned to Halloween. How could it not seeing we finally picked a pumpkin? Joseph (4-1/2) informed me of what everyone is going to be for Halloween. Luckily, everyone is to be the exact same thing that they were last year (I don't think Joseph realizes that there is an option to be something different! The same works for me though as I actually HAVE those costumes...and some might fit!).

"Except for Lucy," he said. "She just gets to be plain old herself."

I smiled. Plain old herself (almost 6 months) is pretty darn cute these days.

Thank you God for fall and all of its amazing gifts. Thank you for a spontaneous trip to the farmer's market which turned out so well. Spontaneous doesn't often work well for me these days, so I'm grateful! Off to enjoy some warm apple cider...

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