Friday, September 28, 2012

We love Woosey...

My favorite sound these days is the sound of my toddler saying his sister's name. Lucy is Woosey. Before it self-corrects (all the cute things tend to quickly turn into their proper names before I'm ready), I am constantly asking Justin what the baby's name is! He happily obliges as he loves my reaction.

Speaking of Lucy, my husband and I recently watched a show that ranked old TV shows. The number one show ever (according to this one particular ranking show) was I Love Lucy.

I have fond memories of my 10-year-old summer. My mother would allow us to eat our lunches picnic style in the living room watching old episodes of I Love Lucy. I had a very sheltered early childhood (one I am trying to repeat for my children) and was only allowed to watch a handful of shows with my siblings...Lucy fit the bill with her crazy antics!

You don't hear the name Lucy that often nowadays. And, honestly, my husband picked it for our daughter. But, now I can't imagine a more perfect name. Thank you God for Woosey...and for Justin's sweet voice! St. Lucy, pray for us.

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  1. You have the most precious family! And this blog is both well-written and inspirational. Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments with us!