Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To my beautiful babies...

I was at Hersheypark this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day and I actually remembered my camera (this doesn't happen very often as I try to remember even the kitchen sink for any outing!).

I went to snap a picture and "memory full" flashed onto the screen. AGAIN. I am horrendous at deleting pictures. We bought this camera 7 years ago before we had any children, and now I have 312 pictures that tell the story of our family over the past 6 years. Every time I go to erase a "good" picture (and there are several dozen bad ones for every good one!), I freeze.

Yes, I realize that they can go on the computer or a CD...and they are! But, I still hesitate! Technology fails and currently the CD thing on our computer doesn't even open :).

Of particular note are my children's newborn pictures. The very first moments of their lives. No...they are not pretty (at least not in the Olan Mills fashion), but they capture the most amazing moments in my life. They are priceless, and I don't want to erase them to take another picture of someone on a kiddy ride. Those pictures are cute too, but I can never capture first breaths again!

This blog came to mind as a place to honor these pictures and to store them forever (unless blogger.com goes down...oh gees, there I go again!).

Thank you God for these precious blessings. In order, I introduce:

Gianna Marie 9/13/06. She was our precious conehead as she needed a vacuum to come out! I'll never forgot the "it's a girl moment" and meeting the little one I'd been praying for my whole life! She was supposed to be named Sarah until about a week before her birth, but my devotion to St. Gianna led us to gift our little Irish daughter with a very Italian name...and we're so glad we did!

Joseph Robert 1/22/08. I was very shocked that he was a boy. Although we didn't find out the gender either time, I was convinced that Gianna was a girl, and I was right. I had also convinced myself that Joseph was a girl. The feelings of disbelief and disappointment didn't leave right away, but I DID love him instantly. Now I am beyond thrilled that he is a boy as I am SO enjoying watching him grow.

Cecilia Rose (7/27/09) was my first "big" baby at 8 lbs. 11 oz. Although, her labor and delivery were much easier than the first two. I was so excited for Gianna to have a sister. I had read in St. Gianna's letters that she had prayed for her daughter to have a sister...so I did the same! 

Justin Raymond (9/13/10) was born on his oldest sister's 4th birthday. How's that for a birthday gift? Cecilia was big, but Justin was kind of ridiculous at 10 lb. 1.6 oz. Even looking at this picture, he looks huge!! I was so excited for Joseph to have a brother. Luckily, toddler Cecilia had just started walking. Good thing...I needed two hands to hold this big boy!

Lucy Therese (4/08/12) joined our family on Easter Sunday evening. It was by far my easiest labor and delivery (somehow she was only 7 1/2 pounds!). Good Friday was such a fitting day for the worsening contractions that I experienced. Her blood sugar was off when she was born, so we were consumed with that instead of taking pictures of her on the scale. She looks a little happier to be bundled up anyway :).

We'll see if I'm able to erase them this week! 

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