Friday, September 21, 2012

My little stinker...

Yesterday I wrote about Lucy the monkey. Today, Justin is a stinker.

Justin turned 2 last week. He is very much a typical 2-year-old who is unpredictable and challenging. But, he is also very cute, sweet, and snuggly. And, he is finally speaking! After two years of having Cecilia (only 13 months older) saying everything for him, he decided that he too has a voice. I'm hoping this makes life less frustrating for both of us!

The only word that comes to mind today, however, is STINKER!

Last night we put the kids to bed early. It was Thursday, and the week of school and soccer was catching up to everyone. Three out of four fell asleep immediately. Justin, however, took a 2-hour nap, so he was not quite ready for sleep. Luckily, he goes into his crib beautifully and just sings and plays until he falls asleep.

When I checked on him at 10 o'clock, there he was in his crib...sound asleep....completely naked lying in a puddle.

"You've got to be kidding me," I said as I yelled for my husband to come and change his sheet. I had absolutely no idea that he could get his pajamas (and diaper, obviously) off by himself. Lesson learned...he'll be wearing a onesie to bed from now on (hasn't figured out those snaps yet!).

Today (well, most days actually) I had a lapse in judgment. We were picking up Joseph from preschool, and Lucy and Justin both wanted out of the double stroller. I meant to just get Lucy out, but I inadvertently let Justin out too (I was deep in conversation with a few other moms).

Suddenly...Justin was gone. We all looked everywhere. My heart was skipping beats even though I knew he couldn't have gone far, and we were nowhere near a street or other hazard.

I then looked at Cecilia who looked as white as a ghost. "Mom, Justin just went in the himself!!!" WHAT?!? We weren't even near the elevator.

I left the other kids with friends and jogged up the stairs as fast as I could. Yup...there was Justin...looking SO proud of himself!! He even got off on the right floor to get Joseph. "Hi Mommy!" Hi Stinker.

Thanks God for the innocence, wonder, and spirit of my toddler. Please help me keep him safe, dry, and in my sights at all times. For those times when he leaves my sight, I pray that his Guardian Angel will protect him on all the "joy rides" of his life!

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