Friday, May 3, 2013

Rest in Peace...

It's been a sad couple of days for the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, PA. Our Bishop, Joseph McFadden, died suddenly yesterday morning. He was only 65 and in relatively good health. It was totally unexpected and shocking. He was a holy man and a respected, well-liked leader.

I had just been looking at his schedule yesterday morning over breakfast (they post the Bishop's schedule in the diocesan newspaper). I was remembering my own Confirmation a hundred years ago as I looked at all the upcoming Confirmation's that the Bishop was to celebrate this week and next.

Then, a few hours later after dropping my son off at preschool, my husband called me on my cell phone to say that the Bishop died. What!?!

I didn't know him personally (although my husband had many occasions to be with him over the last few years as he (my husband) works at the Diocese). Still, I feel a great sense of loss and sadness.

The calming thought is that, please God, he is now in heaven. He has earned his great reward. He (Bishop) is not sad that he has died! Rest in peace, Bishop McFadden. Thank you for serving us so well.

On a happier note, we are just having glorious weather...the kind of weather that just makes you so happy to be alive! Here is Cecilia outside walking her baby just screams happy childhood moment to me :). And, then there's Lucy's baby piggy toes (the cutest darn things!) flying in the gentle breeze. Bliss!

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