Wednesday, October 9, 2013


No baby news yet! My levels are all rising slowly...and being watched very carefully.  I really am grateful that everything is happening very slowly so that the baby and I stay safe. Of course, being patient is hard...especially when I know my blood pressure must have been way off today because I felt SO jittery all day. It was like I had 10 cups of coffee. I normally have at least 2 a day (yes, even when pregnant!), but I didn't dare have any in fear that the caffeine would push me over the edge :).

I am concentrating on all my blessings as I know gratitude to be the answer to so many worrisome emotions! After we finished Joseph's homework tonight, he asked me for a blank piece of paper. He wanted to write a note to his teacher (above) telling her that he loves her. How sweet is that!? I'm sure it will make her day! I couldn't help but think ahead...perhaps some day (hopefully not too soon!), he'll be saying it to another special woman in his life. And, he'll probably have a lot more jitters than he did tonight (sorry, sticking with the jittery theme!).

This afternoon I decided to do some remodeling in my bedroom. I have a friend with a great blog, and she often shows how she is decorating her home and making the case for your home being a cozy, inviting space...especially for yourself and your family. I would absolutely love to go out and buy some nice artwork/matching accessories for my bedroom...but, on a tight budget, that just isn't happening!!

So, I decided to decorate with all of the artwork that is made for me daily (see a small sample above). At least 10 times a day, a child comes up to me and says, "Mommy, close your eyes!" Then I am presented with a masterpiece upon opening them. Even Justin (age 3) is creating special scribbles (and I have explained to the other kids that I make a big deal out of scribbles because I did the same for them when they were 3 and just learning to color!).

My husband is on board with putting up the kid's artwork (plus, he reasons that it is better upstairs in our room than all over the house!). What a special place our bedroom is becoming...the kids won't be young long so I'm trying to appreciate all the little things that make life with small children so worthwhile!

Have a good night, friends! I'm hoping for a peaceful end to this jittery day (although Lucy was up with a fever for a good portion of last night, so not quite sure what's in store for tonight!).

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