Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You'd think...

That having only one adorable toddler to take care of on Tuesday and Thursday 
mornings would make my life easier, right!? 

In truth, Lucy and I were both missing Justin (he hasn't been too keen on preschool lately and he'd be happy with us) this morning. We did a few errands and then came home...and Lucy went from room-to-room looking for her siblings (I assume!). As the youngest of five, she doesn't seem to know what to do when it's just Mom (although she did plant tons of gooey, open-mouthed kisses on me...gotta love those toddler displays of affection!). 

That when I said, "Teething," that I'd be talking about my toddler, right!? 

Both Gianna (7) and Joseph (5-1/2) have woken me up for teeth issues in the past month. 

Gianna woke me up at 4:30 a.m. a few weeks ago because...her tooth was GONE, "but the tooth fairy didn't come"!!! I knew for a fact that the tooth fairy had left her last dollar bill under her pillow, so I was much more upset about being woken up out of a deep sleep (especially when sleep isn't coming very easy to me these days!). I was quite angry and sent Gianna back to bed.

She came down around 7 a.m. with a huge toothy grin...and her dollar. Instead of being happy for her, I snapped at her that she must never wake up Mommy again for something like that (I had an awful time falling back to sleep)...only emergencies!

About an hour later, Gianna came up to me to apologize...and offered me her dollar to buy some coffee since I would be tired that day. It was one of those moments that melts your heart and makes you realize that your young child is pure goodness...and you are...not!

Joseph woke me up two mornings ago at 5:30 (again, out of a deep sleep) to tell me that one of his front teeth was wiggly! I wasn't AS upset (my alarm goes off just after 6 anyway) because he was really excited (and he will look mighty cute without front teeth!).

That my body would be able to finish this pregnancy no problems 
(after doing it five times before!), right!?

I know that I have been incredibly blessed with relatively easy pregnancies. I am extremely grateful and I do not take this for granted. I am, however, thrown for a loop when I start having complications in the 36th week of this pregnancy!

I was at the hospital last night for monitoring. It started last Thursday at the cafe (yes...we have a real cafe...it rocks!) at preschool. I was happily chatting with friends and pouring Lucy some juice...and out of nowhere I felt very dizzy and lightheaded. Luckily, my husband was able to come and pick us up and we went to the doctor so I could have my blood pressure checked.

Long story short, my blood pressure is quite high these days (140/90ish), and I am walking around feeling very strange (my blood pressure normally runs low)! My blood work was okay last week, but not as good when they repeated it yesterday. For peace of mind, I went to hospital last night to go on the monitor (I was told it was an option). 

Thank God, baby looks great! And, my blood pressure came down after resting for an hour (which is good!). I am currently doing a 24-hour urine collection (sorry for details). How fun when you have little ones who follow you in the bathroom all day!!! The above picture has nothing to do with this (except it is a picture of all my children entertained with Daddy in the backyard...how I wish they would do every time that I had to go to the bathroom today...ha!).

I have been told that this test will give them much more information about how my body is doing...if they need to induce or just let me go until the 21st (when I am set to be induced...although I'm already 3 cm!). A little nerve-wracking, but God's will be done! I'm feeling pretty good today...so hopefully my advanced maternal age (AMA) body will hold out!

I'm going to get off computer and try to rest (recommended) when I have the chance...ya think!? :)

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