Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Still learning...

So, I didn't sleep again last night. Well, I did get about an hour nap. It wasn't the kids, the contractions/cramps, or the bad cold...although, they are all excellent guesses!

Rather, it was (or so I thought...learning so much about my body lately!), a horrible toothache. The whole left side of my face was throbbing (still is), and I could barely chew any food last night or this morning. The pain was unbearable and tylenol did absolutely nothing! I heated up face cloths in the microwave as a warm compress and this helped very temporarily.

My dentist is a very kind soul and he made time for me this morning. I had checked with the OB/GYN ahead of time to make sure that x-rays, novacaine, antibiotics for infected tooth, etc. were okay. I was told that since baby is full-term, there were no limitations to my treatment. So, I left for the dentist feeling confident that he could help!

As I'm not even in labor yet (God help me!), all I can think is that I need drugs...some kind of pain relief. I never realized that my sinuses could compress the roots of my teeth (as is happening) due to the inflammation of pregnancy. I've had pregnancy rhinitis (major nasal congestion) since early pregnancy, but I've never had anything like this before.

This is not my dentist, this is St. Gerard as today is his feast day!
God, help me to lovingly and patiently deal with new ailments. I am going to the doctor in a little bit and hoping for some pain management. I appreciate my good health more than ever before in my life!!! I am weak (and whiny!), but I really do want to offer up this discomfort. Writing about it helps my resolution (and a little public accountability never hurt anyone!).

Here's to my baby's arrival...please baby, come out that my sinuses will go down with the rest of me...ha!!!

St. Gerard, on your feast day, please watch over me, my baby, and ALL mothers (and those longing for the gift of motherhood!).  And, God Bless and comfort all those who live with chronic pain of any kind.

By the way, although my face hurts, I'm really not that tired today despite the lack of sleep. I equate this to my prayers to the Blessed Mother in the middle of the night. She never fails me after sleepless nights. I wrote about this on recently if you'd like to read it! Under columns, go down to my name and my posts should show up! Thanks for reading :).

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