Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Confusion sets in...

My children above, Gianna (1st grade) and Joseph (Kindergarten) are at school today! There was a 2-hour delay, but the bus rolled up at 9:55 and brought them to Holy Name of Jesus. This is great because yesterday was a snow day (there is an enormous snowman in my yard much to the delight of my children!). And, most likely, tomorrow will be a snow day too (we're expecting snow followed by dangerous ice!).

Since they announced the delay last night, we were able to have a slow-paced morning. This usually means everyone up by 7 a.m. (except for the baby and toddler who snooze a little later!). Lots of playing (with very loud toys...which Mommy doesn't like...especially before coffee!), lots of half-eaten bowls of cereal, lots of complaining as Mom runs around trying to get everyone dressed, and then a second breakfast (since the first light breakfast at 7:30 has worn off!), etc.

The highlight of my day (and it's only 2:45, so this is an assumption!) was a rousing game of "School" created by my five older children for all the stuffed animals (and we have LOTS of stuffed animals!). Gianna and Joseph were the lead teachers. They read books to the animals, took them to the bathroom (age appropriate humor that I really don't get!), had "circle time" with songs/weather/calendar, called out bus numbers, etc.

I LOVED listening to them play from the other room (I didn't dare go near them as I always seem to ruin it somehow...ha!). My children are so creative, and I love how thoughtful and kind they are capable of being to each other (it is easy to forget this when they are torturing each other over breakfast!).

Of course, this magical time had to end. There was then a big struggle trying to get everything ready to leave (you'd think two extra hours would prevent this!).

At 9:45, I told Joseph that it was finally time to go. "Where!?!" he asked.

"SCHOOL!" I said. "Remember Kindergarten!?!

He'll be home soon. And, no worries...looks like there will be lots more time for playing again tomorrow!

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