Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reach out and touch someone...

Teresa is so responsive now...and this brings us all great joy!
Sometimes I'll do something that I think is good...for myself, my spouse, a family member, a friend, or even a complete stranger,  and I'll think silently to myself, "Wow...I'm good!"

I am (either consciously or subconsciously) hoping for some kind of affirmation or recognition for my actions. I'm not talking about motherhood here as I know not to expect recognition (and in fact, my children often act I'm punishing them when I go out of my way to do something that is good for cook vegetables...ha!).

When recognition does not come, I am sometimes (thank goodness, only once in a while!) left feeling like, "Why bother?"

Well, I just read something (Sheri Wolpert's piece posted on that really spoke to me. It said that, "Joy and blessings come from the DOING and letting God be in charge of the outcome." Wow!

Furthermore, it reminded me that "If we are a true disciple, the result has everything to do with God's plan and not with our ego!" I love that.

I recently contemplated giving up writing for (something that has brought me great joy and fulfillment). Why? Because the new website design has a prominent place for how many people liked, shared, or commented on a piece. And well, my pieces weren't winning any awards...let's put it that way!!!

But, if I think about it, I really started this whole blogging thing for ME. Writing really helps me to clarify my thinking and recognize the many hidden blessings in my day. I kept a private journal for years (and still do), but I can't put photos into my journal (well, I guess I could if I ever actually printed pictures out!). And, as my daughter quickly becomes a proficient reader, I'm realizing that my secret thoughts may not be secret if they end up in the wrong hands...that could be bad! So, I think my private journal days are over. But, blogging gives me an outlet and a means to share.

As I've written about before, I feel a very strong desire to bring people to closer to God. I am thrilled that people actually read my posts, and I pray that my writing may touch people in some way (and/or allow them to know me and my children in a more intimate way). But, if people are affected...and in what way they are affected...that is just not my call!!! The Holy Spirit decides what touches whom and when! So often, I'll write a post while thinking about a particular person, and then a completely different person will e-mail me about it!

Reaching just one person is a precious gift (and I realize that some posts just reach ME...and that's okay if it makes me better for it). Because, after all, the main people that I need to affect are my husband and children (who just happen to give me tons to write about!).

So, wishing you joy and blessings today from all your DOING...whether or not people recognize it. All for you audience of one :).

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  1. Thank you for posting Trish I so look forward to reading your blog and I especially love when I miss a couple of days and there is more then one post. I have grown as a Catholic from you and my want to grow in God's way . Maybe its my because of my children or maybe because of my upbringing but it is so important to reach others through spreading the word of God. It doesn't take much because all that we are, is because of him so why not share with others through whatever avenue comes our way. Please continue to post and share Gods blessings. I know I'm trying to also in my own way.