Monday, February 17, 2014

Down Under

Water makes us all happy!
Cecilia is 4-1/2 years old (and I have learned not to forget the 1/2...she is very happy to be closer to 5 than 4!). I feel bad lately because she's home a lot more than she'd like to be! She loves school, but due to the crazy weather and the preschool's schedule (I love the school, but I'm not a fan of all the days off!), she hasn't been to school much since Christmas!

I feel a twinge of guilt every time she dances around the house or starts doing somersaults in the living room. I just know that she would adore dance or gymnastics, but unfortunately, it's just can't happen right now. There are many sacrifices to be made in a large family, and although I don't want my kids to miss out, there just isn't the money or time right now (without negatively affecting the rest of the family). She does take swimming lessons, and she is thrilled that she will be on a soccer team starting next month! Overall, she is very happy and well-rounded.

There is a big benefit to having her home more though. That is, that I get to have her home more! I love having her around!!! Although she is a very normal child who has less-than-lovely moments, she is usually like a breath of fresh air. She is very independent, very creative, and very kind. Some of my favorite moments are listening to her imaginative play.

This morning she was playing with a bunch of her baby dolls. They all had great names (like Blueberry Marie Bolster) and lots of happenings (I overheard her telling two dolls that she only had two hands and she would be there in a minute...I wonder where she's heard that!!!).

I was painting her nails this afternoon (one of her very favorite things to do!) and I told her that I am really going to miss her next year when she goes to Kindergarten. Out of nowhere, she told me in a very serious voice that she is actually moving to Australia tomorrow. Silly could I forget!?!

Ha! I better start saving my money!! I'm a little jealous because so many people I know are taking their kids to Disney World lately. But apparently, my daughter has even bigger travel plans :).

Thank you God for these long days and short years. Thank you for the gift of being around these children who love life to the fullest. I am busy storing up countless precious memories in my heart of happy childhoods (despite no dance or Disney!).

Sometimes I think of what my life would be like without my children. There would be more "me" time, tons less frustration, and (hopefully) more travel, but there would be less of the everyday blessings that make me the happiest that I've ever been :).

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