Monday, February 10, 2014

Crossing the line...

Happy winter! We are enjoying the Olympics and cheering on Team USA. My children had a red-white-blue dress down day today (my daughter was thrilled to have a day off from her uncomfortable plaid uniform jumper!).

As I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, my favorite part was watching the parade of nations. I marvel at how big the world is (there are countries that I've never even heard of that have populations of millions of people) and how God made and knows each individual person intimately!

As it is a winter wonderful outside (see above!), I have not been able to walk and run outside. So, I have been going to the gym. This is actually great as I love my gym (a $10/month gym less than 2 miles from my house!).

Last Wednesday, I took advantage of the free personal trainers at the gym (why  not, right!?). Everything was going great until I tried a challenging ab machine. I knew immediately that it was going to hurt my back (even though the buff trainer was standing above me telling me to go for it). I went for it...and it hurt my back...duh! I did one set of exercises and said that I was all good with that machine (I'll stick to old-fashioned crunches, I thought!). No harm done.

Until Thursday morning, that is! I was at the store, and I bent down to pick up Lucy (around 25 pounds) out of the stroller. And, I never quite made it back up! I have thrown out my back before, so I knew immediately what had happened. I somehow got Lucy in her car seat and rushed home to take some ibuprofen!!!

On Saturday, I couldn't stand the pain any more (I was trying to rest when possible, but I was still trying to take of the kids, etc.). I called a few chiropractors in the area that I have been to before. One in particular was extremely helpful last time this happened. Of course, they were not open on Saturday. So, I started cold calling chiropractors in Harrisburg. There are quite a few! And, I was quite lucky to find one with a Saturday opening...

After chatting with a very kind receptionist and filling out a ton of paperwork in a comfortable waiting room, I met the doctor. He reviewed my forms and he asked me questions. Two of his questions really stood out:
The first was, "Are you done having kids?" and the second was, "So, do you really like kids?" Both were asked very seriously.

I answered both with a smile, but soon afterwards (while waiting in an exam room for 20 minutes...followed by sitting in an adjustment room for additional 20 minutes), I started to feel quite frustrated and almost angry. It didn't really help that he made a joke about nuns that I didn't really find funny (he must have guessed that I was Catholic?).

I thought about how those questions might be relevant to my possible treatment. And, I couldn't really come up with anything! I didn't realize that my future plans to have children or how much I like children (both asked before he ever examined me) were relevant to back pain! Silly me :).

This post is basically venting! I did pray for my back yesterday at Mass (the adjustment that I received did not help, unfortunately), and I am happy to report that it is quite a bit better today. I always feel guilty asking God to heal something so minor (when so many people are suffering so greatly, both physically and emotionally). But, I know that Jesus cares greatly that I bring ALL my needs to Him.

I am once again wondering about a line that is crossed frequently. Why do people feel so free to ask about future plans for our family? It really doesn't bother me when it is close friends who are genuinely interested. But, why do perfect strangers ask something so intimate? And, worse, why do I feel like I have to answer?!

As in all things, God's will be done (my back, my future family, liking my kids even when they are driving me crazy...ha!, etc.). I pray again today in thanksgiving for all my blessings, for physical healing, and for all those who are suffering...that the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding will strengthen us! Amen :).

Go Team USA...cross that (finish) line!

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