Thursday, September 18, 2014

Confessions of a slacker mom...

Justin's orientation day at Holy Name preschool. Lucy got to come and she loved it!
Justin, now 4, is really enjoying both of his preschools! I'm so happy that he enjoys them...because I would send him anyway (and hope that he learned to enjoy them at some point!). :)

When my older children are home, Justin is wonderful. He plays very well, especially with his big brother, and he disappears for long periods of time to entertain himself. When I check on him, he is happily engaged in something building with legos, coloring, digging in the dirt outside, swinging a baseball (with no one around him...ha!), etc.

When my older children are not home, Justin is a nightmare! He seems to be lost without the big kids, so he entertains himself by picking constant fights with Lucy. Or, by doing things that tend to drive me crazy (for example, taking all the cushions off the every room...and then he can't put them back by himself...ER!). He complains about errands and play dates (and that's about all this mama life is not that exciting!). You get the point...I'm thrilled that he has safe, fun, educational programs to attend for a few hours each morning. I think it's great for all of us!

Lucy looks at Justin like this A LOT these days :).
I am such a slacker though! Justin was supposed to bring a picture of himself for a project the first day of Holy Name preschool. Did he? NO. He was supposed to bring a picture of his family the next day. Did he? NO. The other kids couldn't wait to give their teacher the coloring page "homework" that they had completed. Did Justin complete his? YES! But, did it make it to school? NO.

Woops! Clearly, this is all on me. Thank goodness, Justin doesn't even seem to notice (and we turned in the pictures late (well, it was kinda a family picture...the kids were there, just no parents. Who has time to go to the store to print pictures!?).

But, for the record, my three school-aged children (as far as I know) are faring much better. They arrive at school on time every day with uniforms ironed, lunches packed, and completed homework in the correct folders. I breathe a sigh of relief when they get on the bus everyday! I am wiped out by 7:55 a.m. after getting everyone ready. I feel lucky that Justin puts clothes on his back and grabs a spoonful of peanut butter and a half a banana before leaving a few minutes later :).

Justin is supposed to bring an apple one day next week (I only know this because I overheard a grandmother say this and I made a mental note to remember this!). Anyone want make a bet that Justin shows up with an apple? I wouldn't either.

I recently wrote a reflection on catholicmom. com confessing that I took the, "How many children should you have?" Facebook quiz...and that I got "3".

Jesus, you know how much I love all of my children...not just numbers 1, 2, and 3. Justin, child #4, may not have pictures and apples and a green wardrobe (another thing I forgot!), but he shows up clean, fed, and dressed appropriately (thank you for these gifts!), and loved (I love the quote about how children who are not loved at home show up at school to be loved...children who are loved at home show up at school to learn).

Please help me to grow as a parent so that, God willing, by the time Justin goes to Kindergarten, he will join the ranks of my other children who show up for school prepared.

Love, The Slacker Mom :)
ps -- I don't really think I'm a slacker (well, I kind of do), but I'm writing this to make fun of myself!!! At this stage of my life, I have to let some things go. Otherwise, I will explode :).

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