Monday, September 29, 2014

The eye of the beholder...

Gianna got the best birthday present. It's a book teaching kids to draw animals. Here's Gianna and Cecilia drawing zoos!
I had a ridiculous conversation in Kmart this morning. I was thoroughly enjoying a shopping trip with just my baby...the other five kids were at school! And, major bonus...the baby was sleeping! I was pushing the cart oh-so-gently so I wouldn't wake her up. I had some good coupons and Kmart is having a double coupon week, so good for me all around :).

Until...I approached the pharmacy. I saw a sign for flu shots, and I was reminded that I should really get one. I wondered if the baby would sleep if I got one then.

I waited in line behind a lovely looking elderly woman. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She ran over to see the sleeping baby...ugh!!! Luckily, she did not wake her up.

Instead, she commented, " precious. They start off so ugly and parasitic, but then they get so cute. Mine both looked like Winston Churchill when they were born, but they turned out great." I just looked at her. What!?! She went on, "I mean, for three months, they are just parasites who can't give anything in return...they just suck the life out of you...literally," she added with a laugh.

Um okay, I have never once thought of my newborns as ugly parasites, and I'm so sorry for this woman if she did :).

As Teresa woke up, I was thinking that I didn't need a flu shot so badly anymore. I should've left. But, I decided to confirm that they took my insurance so that I could come back later. The sweet looking lady said, "Did you see the news this morning? There was a story about a man being pulled over by the cops and he had an unrestrained 14-month-old child in the backseat. If that's not a case for sterilization, I don't know what is! Some people should not be allowed to have children!"

I did hear that news story in the background this morning when I was making school lunches. And, I did find it terribly disturbing and sad. I was grateful that the baby was okay. But, again, I never made the leap to sterilization!

I cut my losses and left...didn't want to see where the conversation would go next :). The thoughts ringing in my head as I drove away: Life is beautiful at all stages (especially when most vulnerable), and we have no right to judge others fit or unfit...none of us are worthy of our gifts!

Lucy says, "I am a big girl...and her (Teresa) is a peanut!"
Bizarre conversations aside, I wanted to share a special memory from this weekend:

On Friday afternoon after school, I was in the basement playroom with all six children (I've been going down there a lot more often because all the toys are down there...and Teresa can't go down there by herself!). Our moods were all over the place after a long week! My children and I then shared a very special moment when Teresa walked for the first time ever (well, while pushing her cart). The room was instantaneously filled with tremendous joy, happiness, laughter, and excitement! The kids were all congratulating her and cheering those little legs on! LOVE.

Moments like these make everything seem so light. Sure, there are so many unpleasant moments during parenthood...but, one moment like this makes everything all good! I hope that I just remember the love.

Welcome to the upright world, Teresa! Now maybe you will stop putting everything in your mouth as you crawl around on dirty!
I hope the lady at Kmart has memories like this stored in her heart...after her kids turned 3 months, apparently :). And, I hope the man in the news story is able to turn his life around, with God's help. God Bless that innocent child too.

How's that for connecting random story lines together? :)

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