Thursday, September 11, 2014

The next best thing...

I love that my children still dress up! Justin and Lucy are "twins!"
I called my husband at work at 11:30 a.m. today and told him that it was an emergency. He needed to come home quickly so that I could go to a! I really wanted to just take off and go have a few beers...that way I could forget about my morning and enjoy a nice buzz...ha!

Of course, he did not drop everything and come home. And, I did not start drinking (although I was tempted!). I am going to write about my morning to gain some perspective and to vent. I hope to entertain you and to make you feel like you're not alone. But, if I just bore you with details of a crazy day, I least I feel better for having written :).

It's funny to think of how I looked forward to Friday Happy Hours when I was teaching. It was a great reward after a long week of teaching. I didn't realize that the hardest (yet best...sometimes!) job of my life was yet to come...

After a crazy morning of getting the older three kids on the bus, I had to quickly wash and cut grapes for Justin to bring for his birthday leader day at school. After seeing Justin off to preschool (my husband dropped him off on his way to work), I got Lucy, Teresa, and me ready. Teresa had a bath (notice this story starts with a nice clean baby!).

Off to school!
By the time the three of us got out the door (there were lots of chores to complete in addition to Lucy's high maintenance morning routine...she insists on doing everything herself which takes forever!), we had about an hour before we had to go get Justin (I'm not a fan of this early preschool...8:30 to 11). We are out of yogurt and this is not good at our house (6 kids who eat yogurt regularly makes it a staple!).

There is a discount grocery outlet that sells yogurt that is just expired or just about to expire. It is deeply discounted and I stock up every few weeks (and I always remember when I was in the hospital having Joseph. My sister-in-law was watching Gianna and she called me to tell me that the yogurt I had packed for Gianna was expiring the next day...did I want her to give it to her!?! I think I said no...oh, how times have changed!!!!!).

Anyway, Lucy insisted on the ridiculous size shopping cart with special seats. If only she stayed in the special seats, it would be lovely. But one aisle into the trip, she always wants out. She causes a huge scene if I don't let her out, and I pick my battles!! So, Lucy ends up free in the store. Sometimes this is fine. Today, it was not. First, she pushed the tractor-trailer size cart right into a display of oatmeal cookies. I cleaned it up as best as I could (which wasn't very good!). After that, I strapped her into the cart as I picked out yogurt (the whole reason for my trip!).

Lucy was being very good and quiet. I should've known better! After putting the yogurt all around Teresa (isn't much room in a cart when her baby seat is in there!), I noticed that Lucy had been dumping the children's body/hair wash bargain everywhere. I struggled to remain calm, but a few bad words slipped out. I raced to the bathroom (and it was tons of fun pushing that huge cart into their storage room where the restroom is tucked away!). I did the best that I could (again, not too great!) to clean up. Suds everywhere. One of us thought it was really fun and one of us did not!

Girls had an awesome first soccer game of the season!
Jump ahead. Preschool pickup went well (Justin had an awesome birthday leader day) until he darted into the parking lot when he saw our minivan. And, he came much too close to being hit by a car that was backing out. How many times can you give this lecture!?!?! Parking lots scare me to death...obviously for good reason! Justin was standing right next to me when we waited for a friend to run to her car to grab something for me. I told him to stand right next to me on the sidewalk and wait. He clearly did not listen. So, I am left continuously thanking God and blaming myself (again) for trusting a 4-year-old near cars. I let my guard down around age 4 because I think that they're old enough to know better. Joseph did the same thing at age 4. So, even though they do not seem to know better, I do...a good (and terrifying) reminder for me!

Back to the baby who was clean. As we were about to leave preschool, Lucy asked me for a yogurt smoothie. She normally eats these without a problem, and I was glad that she would not be hungry when we got home. So, I handed one over. On the five...yes, five...minute ride home, Lucy somehow gave the yogurt to the baby (or more likely, Lucy got distracted and the baby grabbed it). Upon opening the minivan door in the garage, I was greeted by a very happy and smily 10-month-old baby...who was covered in yogurt. Head to toe...and, the car seat was not spared.

I went inside and called my husband to come home NOW. He was great. He listened, gave me some good advice (from now on, go to that store when Lucy is at school and park illegally right next to the sidewalk at preschool like some other moms do!). The best part though...he offered me the next best thing to going to a bar stop at the wine and spirits store during his lunch hour (we're out!).

Ahh...I felt myself getting calmer. The wine will be nice, sure, but having all my kids home safe and a husband who cares...what more could I ask for!?!

Well, maybe a clean baby :).

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