Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall is my favorite!!!

Lucy loved her first day of school!!! Finally HER turn. She kept asking to go back today!
Five out of my six kids are now in some kind of school! This makes me so happy. Not because I want my children away from me, but because I feel like I can be a better mommy to all of them. There is more routine, structure, and overall balance in my life. I am able to handle stress better when I am not stressed out for 12 or more hours of the day!

I was joking with friends recently that I've actually googled "states that have year round school." In other words, where can I move in the United States where there is no three-month break in the summer!? A few spaced-out shorter vacations during the year sounds perfect to me! I'm pretty sure that I would be a saner person with less fear of June, July, and August!

Of course, we're not really going anywhere, so I will just have to appreciate TODAY (whatever today might be!). And, I'm quite happy because today is September :). Happy fall everyone...wishing you pumpkins, apples, colorful leaves, chilly nights, and all things fall!!!

Justin left me kicking and screaming (literally!), but he had great first days (at both schools!)

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