Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Morning Glory...

I don't take enough pictures of my sweet strawberry blond baby!
I realized something on Saturday night around 10 p.m. that made me kind of upset. I had not said a single prayer that entire day....not even a Hail Mary. This is so rare for me! And, it made me feel bad that I had not raised my mind and heart to God even once (well, we probably said Grace before meals and bedtime prayers...but I gotta be honest, I'm not always concentrating on the words!).

Now, even I think that I have good excuses! The early morning was/is...just crazy! I try to hurry up and have my raisin bran and coffee so that I can continue taking care of everyone else. On Saturday, Joseph had a 9:30 soccer game (which I had to leave to walk Cecilia over to her dance class at 10...luckily it's in the same complex!), Teresa had a high fever and was unbelievably fussy (so Gianna and I made the trip over to other side of Harrisburg to see the pediatrician who was available last minute on a Saturday morning), and then we took the whole family to Hersheypark (a very kind friend gave us tickets!).

Hersheypark was SO crowded that it was a challenge just to keep an eye on our five walking children (luckily Teresa...who felt better after antibiotics for a double ear infection and ibuprofen for the fever...cannot walk yet!). It was too crowded for us to enjoy it much (I usually love watching my children have so much fun!), but it was still a nice family activity.

We got home just before 8 p.m. with children who were melting and/or wired. Bedtime was a not-so-fun blur. I took a long shower before sitting down to eat a late dinner. It was after collapsing on the couch that I first turned my thoughts to God. I felt so bad that I had ignored my Lord and his Blessed Mother the entire day! (Of course, I do realize that taking care of my family is exactly what I was meant to do this day...).

A pic from our last trip to Hersheypark. I was afraid that I would lose a child if I stopped to take a picture on Saturday!
Then I remembered something that I had read. For my birthday in August, my husband got me an AWESOME book called, "33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration," by Michael E. Gaitley MIC. This book was mentioned on EWTN one night when I was channel surfing. My husband was in the room working on his laptop. I told him that I would love this book, but I didn't think he was paying attention. I was thrilled to receive it on my birthday...guess he was listening! I love surprises like that!!!

Anyway, I eagerly read the book. I have been saying a daily consecration to Mary for many years now, but I had never formally consecrated my life to her. Detailing all that consecration involves would take way too much explanation for this blog post, so I recommend this book if you're interested :).

According to the book, it is supposed to be 33 days until consecration. And, you're supposed to wait so that your consecration will end on a Marian fest (for example, start the book 33 days before August 15th, which is the Assumption). Well, I dug right in and I read way more than I was supposed to each day...woops!!! I don't even remember the actual day of my consecration, but it was not a Marian feast. With my six little ones, I don't have much free time, so I hope that my eagerness is forgiven :).
Image result for picture of blessed mother
Mary, please help me to be a better wife and mother!
Recalling a few quotes by St. Maximilian Kolbe made me feel better on Saturday night. Summarized, he says that, "It is not at all necessary that the thought of the Immaculata (Mary) should occur to one's mind...for the essence of our union with her does not consist in thought, memory, or sentiment, but in our will."

And, "We belong to her...because we have consecrated ourselves to her once, and we have never taken back our consecration."

This is comforting to me. It makes me feel like, "Mary's got this!" She is still loving me, protecting me and my family, guiding me, helping me, working in my life and in the lives of my loved ones in ways that I recognize and ways that I know will never know anything about...

YAY! This is not to say that I no longer need to pray. In fact, I really enjoy prayer! I find the more that I pray, the more that I want to pray. But, some days I will not be able to say the Rosary...or even a single Hail Mary...and it's still okay! PHEW!

Better get off the computer (no excuse not to say a few prayers today!)! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day.

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