Monday, August 5, 2013

Enjoying my boys...

Last Thursday and Friday, my three oldest kids were at a vacation bible school all day (8:45-4 p.m.). They loved it (although I think it was a very long day for them!), and so did I!

I read a whole book at nap time on Friday. Granted, it was a very short book. But, I read it straight through without getting up to attend to the kids (even during nap/resting time, they find me!).

That said, I did really start to miss them...I was ready to get them back starting around 3 p.m. It was a good reminder of how blessed I am to stay at home (and that I do enjoy my crazy life!).

The highlight was spending one-on-one time with Justin (age 2-1/2) on Thursday afternoon. Lucy is not a good napper, but she randomly slept longer than Justin.

I thought we would work on potty training. This proved to not be fun for either of us! So, we abandoned this plan.

I asked him what he would like to do. I realized that he probably never gets asked this...he is simply dragged to stores/sibling's events/playdates/church/etc. without a vote (good thing he is a laidback good sport!).

Imagine my surprise when he said that he wanted to give me a foot rub!!! "Really!?!" I asked. Of all the fun things in the world (well, we were pretty limited since we couldn't leave the house!), he wanted to give mom a foot rub. SCORE!

There was way too much lotion used (the best part for him was access to the lotion), but we both enjoyed it! My feet have never been so moisturized. What a special gift!

Joseph (age 5) has been playing with his Toy Story toys a lot recently. I love watching him play (he is just like Andy in the movie!).

I am excited for the start of school later this month (and having a routine that lasts for a bit!), but I am sad for Joseph to go to full-day kindergarten. I'm not sure if it'll be harder on him or me! He is going to a great Catholic school that does not have a half-day option. We believe it is the right decision, but it'll be a big adjustment!

Anyway, he was playing with his Toy Story gang after soccer camp today. He paused and asked me if he should go to college some day (like the character Andy does in Toy Story 3).

I told Joseph that we would love it if he went to college (in the very far away future...). He then asked if Daddy and I went to college. I said that we did.

He paused before asking, "What toys did you give away?" (at the end of Toy Story 3, Andy stops to drop off some toys to a young girl before he leaves for college).

Without thinking much, I said, "I think Nana and Papa gave away all toys by then, so I didn't have any toys to give away.

Joseph's face fell. WOOPS!!! Probably TMI for a kid who hasn't even gone to kindergarten yet!

Today is another picture-perfect sunny, low humidity day in Central PA. Thank God for blessings galore (and a house full of toys!) here...I hope your day is filled with great things too. Thanks for reading!

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