Thursday, August 29, 2013

The hugest...

Cecilia is the happiest child in the house today. Because, she informed me: "She is the hugest child here!"

Meaning that, Gianna and Joseph are at school ALL DAY!!! Cecilia is quite pleased with this arrangement! She can choose a princess movie every day during rest time (until Justin gives up his nap, that is!)...and no one will object! Happiness is...

Joseph was off to kindergarten this morning. He was so excited and happy about it that I couldn't even feel sad! I've been praying for him all day. Fortunately, the other three are keeping me plenty busy (we had a ridiculous trip to Walmart!), so I haven't really had a chance to miss him...and their bus is due back in 35 minutes or so!!!

The smallest child in the house (for another month or so!) just woke up from her nap (very unhappy!) so I must run. Have a blessed day everyone!

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