Saturday, August 24, 2013

Goodbye summer!

Happy that my children are enjoying their early years so much!
My mother and brother are in town from Boston for a few days. We are having so much fun on these last days of summer vacation! I don't really have any deep thoughts to write about, but I just wanted to post some kind of update...

I had my ultrasound and baby (31 weeks) looks great! It's crazy that the baby is only estimated at 3.5-4 pounds when I have gained so much weight :). She asked if I wanted to know the gender. So darn tempting!!! But, then I wouldn't have my "moment" of the big reveal...I consider it my prize after labor (especially since I truly don't have strong feelings about wanting one gender over the other...I know that I, God willing, will be so happy!).

Hubby and I had a date the other night (that's what happens when babysitters come to town!). It was nice to reconnect...even though I was very jealous of his cold beer (I had a cup of lukewarm decaf coffee!).

Last night my husband, brother, and local brother-in-law went to the Harrisburg Senators (minor league baseball team) game. I love that my brother and husband got to spend time together...I wish we were closer and it could happen more often! My mom and I stayed back at the house and had a nice face-to-face talk (something else that I wish could happen more often!). 

Tonight my mom is staying home to babysit so that me, my husband, and brother can go out (we're trying to hit all the combinations!). I am really looking forward to this. I don't get out often enough. It's just hard to leave five small children with a babysitter...and honestly, I lack the energy most nights anyway!

Gianna starts 1st grade on Monday. I went to orientation and met her teacher. I was very impressed and I'm excited for this next stage in her life. She's SO ready!

Joseph and I have kindergarten orientation on Wednesday. Ready or not...I'm going to put my second baby on the bus. He's so NOT ready!

Lucy is having ear tube surgery on September 3rd. I am hopeful that this will improve her health (chronic ear infections take a toll on everyone...especially her!). 

Cecilia had her 4-year well visit this week and she actually LIKED getting her shots (weird child!) because she was happy that she would get a band aid and a sticker!!! Poor thing didn't like the shots much the next day when she had a fever and a very sore arm :( ! She's very excited for Pre-K! She is so ready also.

Justin is just about 3. I've written about this age so many times before. This is such a hard age for me. He is so physically cute that I want to hug him all day, but he will scream at the top of his lungs for any offense...I often cannot determine if he has gotten hurt...or if someone just looked at him wrong! And, talk about stubborn. Oh well...this too shall pass. He's excited to start school  for the first time in his life!

God Bless and keep us all as we enter this new season of our life's journey. Fall is by far my favorite season, so I am happy that it's (almost) here...

Thanks for reading!

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