Monday, August 26, 2013

It just feels right (to me)...

First day of first grade today for Gianna! She was so excited to have Nana and Uncle Mike stay to put her on the bus (they left for their trip home to Boston soon afterward). 

It *almost* makes me feel like a bad mom to say this, but I'm SO glad that she's at school! Also, it *almost* makes me feel like a bad daughter to say this, but I'm so glad that my mom's on her way back home!

The other four kids and I had a nice playground play date (mainly because it is a little kid friendly playground so I was not worried about my 8-month pregnant body chasing Lucy up structures...ha!), and then we headed to the library. When we got home, the kids all played very nicely before lunch while I did tons of laundry. I was feeling a little giddy that our 9-month school routine and "normal"  is returning.

I was reflecting (over laundry...a brief chance to be alone with my thoughts!) on why I feel so happy that one of my children is gone for the day and that my mom is gone after a great 5-day visit. It's most definitely NOT that I don't love my daughter dearly and that I didn't have an awesome time with family making precious, priceless memories. 

I think it's more that this is just right. Kids grow up and leave (I know some people home school and I admire and respect this...but I do NOT feel called to do this!). Gianna is leaving me and I left my mom (and dad).

Gianna is almost 7, and she is attending a wonderful 1st grade class (I was thoroughly impressed) where she will continue to blossom into the young woman that God is calling her to be. This is a blessing, and I think it is right. I grew up and left my parents...and it brings me comfort and joy that they are still happily married and growing older gracefully...together (my mom was actually here over their 39th anniversary...the first one that they've ever been apart!). I know she missed him (and she is excited to go back to work tomorrow...she works in a school). This is also a blessing, and I think it is right.

Not to mention that Gianna and I tend to get on each other's nerves (a little honesty!), and same goes for my mom and me (a little more honesty!). At least for me, a little absence makes the heart grow fonder in appreciation.

I think I am writing this because I'm justifying my feelings to myself :). I just read TONS of facebook posts with VERY sad mommies. There was a occasional happy mommy and a few funny posts about regaining sanity, but for the most part, moms are not happy about kids growing up and starting school again. 

Perhaps I will write a very different post on Thursday when I put Joseph on the bus for the first time!!! My mind and thoughts do change of the *blessings* of being a woman!?

Happy back to school everyone. Thank you God for all your many blessings! 

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